New Facebook Group – The Shaklee Effect™


Want to be the first to know?  Get business building tips, learn about special offers and promotions, share with your fellow Distributors and Leaders, download sales and marketing documents, and participate in contests? 

Join the conversation in “The Shaklee Effect” – a Shaklee-supported closed group, exclusively for active Shaklee business builders. 

It’s just getting started, but over 800 Shaklee Distributors and Business Leaders have already joined the group, a special place on Facebook where Distributors can receive up-to-the minute news, learn and ask questions about special offers and promotions, share your successes and help others succeed as well. 

In the best Shaklee tradition, The Shaklee Effect Facebook group offers support, information and recognition to you for your efforts in sharing what you love about Shaklee.


  1. Go to search in Facebook for “The Shaklee Effect”
  2. Click on the Join Group button at the top of the page.
  3. Send an email to with Facebook Group in the subject line and request to be added to The Shaklee Effect group. Be sure to include your Shaklee ID and your name so that we can be sure you are a Shaklee Distributor.

    You will not be added if you do not complete both of the steps above. If you want to add downline Distributors, you can provide the name and Shaklee ID of those Distributors in your email to However, each person must first click on the Join Group button in Facebook to be added.

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