TGIF But What About Mondays?

photo(2)It’s easy to love Fridays with the weekend so close. But what about Mondays? Most people don’t like Mondays because it signals the beginning of a work week, at a job that’s just a job and not a passion, not a welcome part of their lifestyle. Well, at RLEI, we definitely still don’t like mornings (we’re night people!) but we love Mondays because our work week is the same as our “life week”. It’s not just our career, helping people create healthier lives, that we love. It’s that we have flexibility, freedom, and control of our destiny. Our Shaklee business is not just one place we go to do “work”, it’s with us everywhere we go and it works around us. Around Monday at 10am (when everyday should start, right?), when we find ourselves at our office (or at home on the laptop, or on the road to meet with someone), we’re pretty happy about it. How about you?

If you find yourself looking for something more come next Monday, contact us to find out more about the Shaklee Opportunity.

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