Shaklee – Funding Brain Health Research Through A University Research Grant Program



At Shaklee Live in Long Beach, our friend Maria Shriver challenged us to use our blockbuster new product MindWorks™ to raise money for brain health research.


Through the Shaklee MindWorks™ Challenge we want to impact the minds of 1,000,000 people with this innovative product. And for each bottle of MindWorks purchased, Shaklee will donate a portion of the proceeds to fund brain health research through a university research grant program.


At Shaklee Live in Long Beach, we all made a commitment to two new conversations per day in the name of Shaklee. The MindWorks™ Challenge gives you a great reason to engage new people about the product and the mission we’ve taken on.

  1. Make your commitment public – Create a MindWorks Challenge video and spread the word through social media.  Let’s see how many videos we can generate throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – wherever you and your friends hang out in social!

    Also, set a goal to reach as many people as you can with MindWorks.

    Share that commitment with your upline, group and other Shaklee friends who will hold you accountable.

  2. Share the Product – To support the challenge, starting Wednesday, September 24, we’re offering through November 30, 2014 a Join Free with a MindWorks™ Pak consisting of two MindWorks bottles for MP $99.90.  Take the next two days to think about who you know that you can share MindWorks with, check out the MindWorks product sharing resources online to help you start the conversation and get ready to hit the ground running starting 9/24/2014.
  3. Show your support with Challenge swag – Between September 24 and November 30, 2014, when you sponsor three new Members with the MindWorks Join Pak, you will receive a free MindWorks Challenge Water Bottle.  And when you sponsor six new members with the MindWorks Pak you’ll receive the Water Bottle AND a MindWorks Challenge T-shirt.

Imagine if everyone on your team earns one of these fun t-shirts – it will be a lot of fun seeing how many of you are wearing them at our Regional Conferences and in Cleveland at our Shaklee Live Conference next year.

In addition, the Top 5 Sellers of MindWorks based on Personal Group Volume from launch through June 30, 2015 will have the honor of being recognized at next year’s Shaklee Live Conference in Cleveland.

* Limit one water bottle and t-shirt per Distributorship.  Challenge swag will be sent out to winners starting in November.”

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