Shaklee Is Receiving Research Proposals


From Shaklee Corporation…

The following press release has been issued to media agencies across the country to announce the development of this new grant, and so that we can begin to receive research proposals. We hope that you share our excitement about Shaklee’s commitment to brain health and help to spread the word!

Shaklee grant program offers new
support for brain health research

Researchers are invited to apply for funding, as the company works to
expand our knowledge about how nutrition impacts cognitive health

How might nutrients, or a combination of nutrients, affect your memory over the next few hours? Or support your brain health over the next few years? With the launch of its new grant program for brain health research, Shaklee hopes to help scientists learn more of these answers.

“Shaklee is trying to bring our health span closer to our life span, and we believe nutrition can make a difference,” comments Chief Science Officer Bruce Daggy, Ph.D. “Through this grant program, we are supporting new research to expand our understanding of the role nutrition can play in keeping us well.”

About the Brain Research Grant
This newly established program, within the established Shaklee Grants Program, was created to provide targeted funding of research on the role of dietary supplements in supporting brain health. This grant will be funded by proceeds of Shaklee’s recently launched MindWorks™, a supplement developed to support short- and long-term cognitive health. MindWorks contains key ingredients that have three important benefits*:

  1. Immediate improvement in memory and focus 3X better than the control group**.
  2. Protects against age-related mental decline, as shown in a clinical study to reduce brain shrinkage rate, a common consequence of aging, by 30% over two years.   
  3. Supports healthy circulation which is important for the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to the brain.

** At six hours versus control.
†  Based on a two year study of 223 adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Researchers have until Nov. 30, 2014 to submit brain health proposals. As with all Shaklee grants, animal studies will not be considered. Investigators who have secured funding elsewhere and who are requesting from Shaklee only marketed product, with or without a matching placebo, can submit proposals at any time.

Study questions most likely to receive funding under this program will involve evaluation of nutritional ingredients or ingredient combinations suitable for use in dietary supplements for either acute (e.g., short-term memory, concentration, reaction time) and/or long-term improvements to or maintenance of cognitive function in healthy adults.

“As reflected by the MindWorks launch, we have a strong interest in doing more in the area of cognitive health,” Daggy confirms. “Each of us has a brain that needs good nutrition to function optimally. Mental acuity is of concern to a broad range of adults, from college students who need to improve their focus on their studies, to older folks who have more serious concerns about maintaining long-term brain health.”

A long history of supporting academic research on nutrition
Shaklee has supported a substantial body of research since the company was founded in 1956. That work has resulted in 100-plus scientific publications, which include clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at scientific meetings.

Those interested in exploring the brain research grant opportunity should review the application procedure at or contact for further information. Winners will be announced in early 2015.

Text Box: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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