A Fall To-Do List Minus Allergies

“Nothing puts a damper on pumpkin spice latte season like a bout of fall allergies. Spring gets most of the attention when it comes to allergies, but if you suffer from fall allergies, you know that these are just as frustrating. 

6 Natural Remedies for Fall Allergies

Ready to do something about those fall allergies? Here are six natural remedies to help you treat the symptoms until that first freeze.

1. Use your neti pot. – Help soothe a runny nose and give yourself a break from all of that sneezing by using a neti pot to flush allergens and congestion from your sinuses. 

2. Clean your furnace – Get rid of dust and dust mites before you turn on your furnace by changing the air filter and cleaning your furnace. If you do want to clean your furnace vents, you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

3. Dust and vacuum. – We are inside more when the weather gets cold, so tending to your home’s indoor air quality can help relieve some of your fall allergy woes by getting rid of dust mites and pet dander.

4. Take a quercetin supplement – This is a natural bioflavinoid found in plant foods like citrus and onions. If you’re dealing with allergies, try 1000mg per day to help your body produce less of the histamine that causes allergy symptoms. Quercetin can interact with certain drugs, so talk to your doctor before starting this supplement.

5. Keep stinging nettle supplements on hand. There is some preliminary research showing that stinging nettle has natural antihistamine properties. Pregnant women should steer clear of stinging nettle. Sorry, ladies! I know how yucky it can be to deal with itchiness and sneezing on top of carrying a baby.

6. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. – Many allergy symptoms are caused by swelling, and an anti-inflammatory diet can help.”

From “6 Natural Remedies for Fall Allergies” By 

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