Teaching By Example Is Always A Win-Win


“A Conversation with Jose Bernabel

There’s huge potential in Hispanic markets, and our Vice President of Hispanic Markets Beatriz Aguirre-Gutai is proud of the tremendous sponsoring and Leadership development that our Hispanic Business Leaders have been showing.  Beatriz spoke recently with one Hispanic leader who consistently appears in the charts as a top sponsor.

Executive Coordinators Jose & Lorena Bernabel, CA have made the commitment to engage in at least Two Meaningful Conversations in the Name of Shaklee – each day.  That commitment has translated into some great rewards for Jose and Lorena, but even better, in Leadership development and business growth.  Throughout 2014, the Bernabels have demonstrated steady upward growth in number of first generation Leaders, Business Group Count and Organization Volume!

Beatriz:  Jose, congratulations on your business growth this year!  Such great increases; and it all seems to start with sponsoring.  You are #5 on the Wall of Honor for Sponsoring this year!  And since then you’ve earned a lot of sponsoring points and Product Sample Packs!  Can you tell us what your process is?

Jose:   Well, for me, sharing Shaklee with others is a caring thing to do.  Shaklee is a great company, with the best products, and they really work.  So it’s a win-win when they decide to be part of it.  And the Use. Share. Build concept is great for helping people decide the best way to join.  We meet people everywhere, and a lot of people recommend us to their friends and family, and we talk to everyone about Shaklee!  And we share a lot of product samples with people – like Shaklee 180® Snack Bars, Energizing Teas, and Smoothees.

Beatriz:  So it’s really about conversations and sharing some of the great products that Shaklee offers.  But how do you meet so many people?  Do you have regular meetings that help you meet people?

Jose:   We actually have three meetings a week – two in our house and one at the Shaklee Los Angeles Training Center in Cerritos, with lots of one on ones and phone calls in addition.

Beatriz:  Most of the people you sponsor seem to get started with one of the new Member Regimens.  What have you found about the Member Regimens that works so well?

Jose:  The great thing about the Member Regimens is that they are a wonderful menu – there is a choice for everyone.  The Foundations Regimen is great, because everyone can use it.  The SmartHeart™ Regimens – the Blood Pressure and the Cholesterol Regimens – are very popular.  We ask people a lot of questions about what is most important to them.  Most of the time there is a Member Regimen that is what they are looking for.  When there are other products that will also be appropriate, we help them to add to their order.

Beatriz:  Jose, what would you suggest to a Distributor or a Business Leader who would like many new people to join their team?

Jose:  These are the three things that I suggest to my Distributors to help them to build:

  • Use the products.  Shaklee-ize yourself and your home.  When you use the products every single day, you feel great and people can see that.  It’s in your body language and you send the most important messages with what you do, not what you say.
  • Share what you’re doing with people as many times as you can – both the products and the business benefit.
  • Be clear about your goal – is it to make $500 in your first month?  $1,000?  2500 PGV?  Decide on your goal and work to that.  Not randomly, but towards your goal.  And when you achieve it, what is your next goal?

Beatriz:  What is your next goal, Jose?

Jose:  We are really working now to qualify for Maui.  We’ve been to Hawaii a few times and there is nothing like being there with Shaklee and our team!  We are also working towards the next rank, and we are thrilled that in September we plan to break out two new Directors, maybe three, since one will likely be a Senior Director.  We really excited to develop and build greater depth in our organization.

Beatriz:  Congratulations on making such a difference for so many people, with such great consistency and focus, Jose!   We can’t wait to recognize you in Maui!”

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