Are You A Dream-List Maker?


How to make your dreams come true:

1.Decide what you want and write it down. Make a list of your dreams and goals. Nothing is too big or too small. Then you will know what you must do.
2.Be sure to write down why you want these dreams. The how gets clearer when the why is strong.
3.Be consistent and diligent to do what you must to manifest your dreams.
4.Don’t let laziness, fear or doubt stop you. It gets hardest just before the breakthrough. Stick with it to get the results.
5.Be persistent. Good things come to those who work with positive intent and focused mindset.

4 thoughts on “Are You A Dream-List Maker?

  1. Excellent. Thank you. I’m on it. John Youngs (second level) is working on another biz builder. And I have people going to The Rick Seymour Denver Meetings.

    ALMA ESAKOFF On Oct 15, 2014 3:12 PM, “Ewing Organization Branch of the Shaklee Family

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