Your Success Is All Our Success


Congratulations to the Buntemeyers, leaders in the Ewing Organization, for being acknowledged for sharing Shaklee’s MindWorks with the world!

“Mother and Son Distributors Share MindWorks™

Iris and Pete Buntemeyer (Senior Executive Coordinators, FL) have been introducing their customers – old and new – to MindWorks™ and within the first few weeks of launch they had sold nearly 30 bottles!

I am 81 years old and have been with Shaklee for nearly 40 years. One of the keys to my success has been consistent follow-up by way of a regular newsletter to my customers.

When MindWorks was launched, it was a perfect time for me to contact my customers and Members about this exciting new product. My son, who started working full-time in Shaklee with me in August, has been focused on having the two conversations about Shaklee and sponsoring his own new Members and Distributors. Within the first couple of weeks of launch, between the two of us we sold nearly to 30 bottles of MindWorks!

We’re really excited about the possibilities with MindWorks. Not only are my existing customers enjoying the product, but MindWorks is also giving my son a great conversation starter to introduce new people to Shaklee.”

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