This November: Be Grateful & Be Willing


People are often looking for the perfect answer about how to be successful. We don’t think there is 1 answer because it’s all the answers. There are so many inspiring, motivating, practical, logistical, and tried and true tips out there already. It takes a lot of personal development and seeking all those resources out to finally design a plan that works for you. And that’s just life, this can be applied to whether it’s your personal, financial, or professional dreams you’re trying to fulfill. So keep asking questions, looking at all the information, and finding your calling!

We believe Shaklee has answers for a lot of people for a lot of reasons they have discovered about themselves and their lives. Check out these interesting suggestions if your plan is leading you to being in business for yourself…

“1. Be Willing to Be Authentic: Listen to that Inner Voice, the one that never steers you wrong. Listen to the signs from your body, that’s your true north. From creation to debut, allow yourself to be completely 100% authentically you. Let your offering come from your soul – tell us what you believe, tell us story, speak to us, and follow your feel good and intuition. Create something that you would sign up for in a nanosecond. If it doesn’t set you on fire and feel joyful, you likely haven’t hit the mark yet.

2. Be Willing to Play: If you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never know if you’ll succeed or not. My amazing friend, Mike Robbins, who was drafted by the Kansas City Royals wrote about this in his book Nothing Changes Until You Do in an essay called “Swing Hard (Just in Case You Hit It)”. In this piece Mike writes about a peer, Geoff, who went on to play professionally who ”never stopped swinging hard, and throughout his very successful major league career, he got quite a few hits (1,293 total) and hit a lot of home runs (221 total). He also struck out 1,186 times.” Geoff never would have hit 1,293 balls without being willing to strike out 1,186 times. You have to be willing to put yourself in the game and play.

3. Be Willing to Listen & Tweak: When I first launched my Story Shape Shifting program, I’d given folks a ridiculously short span of time to sign up. It’s a high-end, platinum program that requires commitment and I barely gave folks time to tap in to feel whether it was right for them. After a bit of feedback and listening on my end, I moved the start date a month forward to November 20th, which gave both me and my clients space. It felt so good to listen to that feedback and make a decision I knew was right.

4. Be Willing to Let Go: This is a tough one. There’s a lot of attachment that comes when you’re putting your heart out there. You’ve likely invested months of blood, sweat and tears into something you believe in infinitely more than Santa Claus. Don’t intend to fail, but be willing to let go if it’s just not working. If it no longer feels fun and you’re finding yourself longing to drink Jim Beam out of a Dixie cup every night, it may be time to let go and try something else. Or… it may be time to look at the energy you have around your program. Or… it may be timing. Allow yourself to really tap in and feel into what you know is true, whatever that may be. And… letting go isn’t just about letting go of your launch, it’s letting go of attachment to outcome. You’ve likely done everything you can do, allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the ride.”

From “4 Tips for Launching Your New Business Idea” By Owning Pink

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