A Safe Shaklee Shopping Season


Shop this holiday season online 24/7, but shop without a #cyberattack.

“It’s been brought to our attention that an adware virus downloaded to some computers is affecting the shopping experience of Shaklee Family Members on MyShaklee.com, Shaklee.com, and the PWS shopping environments.

Our first and most important advice is to purchase, install and keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.

What has been reported by individuals whose computers are infected with this adware is that when a visitor to any of the Shaklee shopping platforms clicks a link, types into a form, or simply clicks on the page, a series of windows open containing buying options for companies that are not affiliated with Shaklee Corporation. The adware is sophisticated enough to mimic some or all of the Shaklee branding, including logos. The window may pop up and offer you a survey to complete, after which you’ll be redirected to another non-Shaklee web site.

If you experience a series of pop-up windows during your shopping experience, please be aware that none of our shopping areas produce browser pop-ups like the ones shown in this screen shot: http://images.shaklee.com/shaklee/images/popup.png.

Also, in order to confirm you are purchasing from an authorized Shaklee site, please check the URL in your browser window to make sure it reads http://www.shaklee.com/%5Bweb page name]; http://www.myshaklee.com/%5Bweb page name]; or http://yourPWSname.myshaklee.com/%5Bweb page name].

If you see any other name or branding before the .com please immediately cease your web browsing and run an anti-virus scan and clean. Be sure to use anti-virus software that includes removal of malware and adware.

We want you to have a safe and happy shopping experience on every Shaklee shopping area. Shopping online is convenient and secure as long as you keep your anti-virus software running and are cautious when downloading applications from unknown web sites.”

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