The Shaklee Segment On The Dr. Phil Show Talking About Brain Health – Watch Now!

View the segment of Shaklee featured on the Dr. Phil show right now online here

And here’s our RLEI Tips for Brain Health:

1. Get adequate sleep EVERY night. 7-8 hours.

2. Get regular exercise EVERY week. 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week, aiming for 10,000 steps a day.

3. Get all the nutrients your brain needs to be healthy in quality food choices. These include omega-3 fatty acids, the B family of vitamins, vitamin D, and the now-famous phytochemicals, which are plant-derived compounds that often act as antioxidants, two types in particular. One is the flavonoid family, which includes compounds found in berries and fruits. (And in Shaklee’s “FlavoMax” found here.) The other is a compound you may not have heard of – curcumin, which is found in a common Indian spice and offers major protection to the aging brain.

4. Supplement to the nutrition from your food. And consider adding Shaklee’s “MindWorks” found here, with key ingredients that have been shown to improve short-term memory, focus, and reaction time 3x better than a control group, and protect against age-related mental decline. The MindWorks program includes a free month of access to brain-training software from Cognifit®; designed to be a fun way to help improve memory and concentration.

(Other “brain food” Shaklee supplements you can incorporate where deficient: “OmegaGuard”, “B-Complex”, “Vita-D3”, “Mental Acuity”, & “Lecithin”. Start here.)

5. Use brain training software and apps. Or do challenging games and puzzles often. Like the New York Times crossword in ink. 😉

6. Minimize the multi-tasking, focus on singular tasks in the moment, be more present instead of “busier”.

7. Bring more attention to breathing and add a meditation practice into your daily life.

8. Do stress relieving, relaxing activities EVERY day. Warm baths with essential oils, reading, walk the dogs outside, the things you enjoy.

9. Stay young at heart AND mind. Age is just a number and being engaged socially at every stage of life is crucial to staying mentally active as well. Spend time with your circle of family and friends.

10. Try yoga. It’s good for many reasons, but improving circulation is a major one.

As they say, NAMASTE!

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