2015: Stay The Same Or Make Some Changes?


Can you believe it’s almost 2015?! 15 years into the 21st century, it’s remarkable how much has changed culturally and yet how much remains the same. When RLEI was founded 50 years ago, not as many people knew about natural health and/or were looking for eco-friendly choices in their consumable products. Today, there is a growing conscience about going (back) to a greener philosophy and definitely more awareness about our toxic exposure in our food, water, air, cleaners, even beauty products. When Dr. Shaklee created the 1st multi-vitamin 100 years ago, could he have anticipated just how many millions of people would be affected and using supplements for better health? Probably not.

But here we are. We’re planning on making 2015 the year of CHANGE. Stay tuned as we kick-off 2015 with a bang on January 7th. And start thinking about what you want for YOUR 2015…

“As the New Year approaches, we all begin to dream about the ways life could be a little better.
How to feel better than I feel right now? What to do to finally lose those stubborn 10 pounds? Is there any way to improve our family’s financial picture?
You have the answer – small steps lead to big results. That’s the Shaklee Effect™!”

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