Get Ready For The Big Diet Season Now With Shaklee 180


“Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see? They are exploding everywhere right now—the diet and weight loss commercials! Everyone in the weight loss business knows that December is the hottest time of the year to be advertising and promoting their weight loss program and the reason is simple. More people will start a diet the first week of January than any other week of the year.

Right now is the time to be taking action in promoting Shaklee 180® to prospective customers. Yes, December is a busy month with all the holiday events but—it’s also the time we are around the most people for parties, dinners, family gatherings, etc. A 2013 Gallop poll showed that 51% of Americans want to lose weight so—half the people you are around and in contact with this month of December would like to shed a few pounds. When will they start and who will get their business?

Tens of millions of people will start their diet the first week of January. Most will make their choice this month of December as to the weight loss plan they will use. They will get their program, the materials, and their products ordered in the last half of December so they are ready to begin January first. If you wait until after the Christmas holiday to start promoting Shaklee 180, you’ll leave a lot of business on the table, and will effectively have missed the boat!

Now is the time to get the word out about Shaklee 180! Now is the time to be doing mailings, sending out newsletters, posting flyers on advertising boards around town, handing out your 180 business cards, posting on social media sites, making phone calls, placing ads etc.

Now is the time to tell people about the 180 success stories, to show the before and after pictures. Grab their attention with pictures and stories. That’s what people will buy into more than the facts, the details the science, etc. They’ll want to know more of the details once they’ve bought the story.

This month is a perfect time to have a holiday tasting party/event in your home or the homes of others. Don’t allow the “busyness” of the holiday season to sidetrack you from your business efforts. Rather, take advantage of the holiday month of December to get the word out about Shaklee 180.

Most people who start a diet don’t stick with it– because it doesn’t work well, too hard to follow, lack of tools and support, and so on. Shaklee 180 is designed to put an end to all that! Shaklee 180 works and we have thousands of happy success stories to prove it!

The Shaklee 180 earning opportunity is now better than ever! Due to recent changes made this fall to the 180 pricing structure, your earning opportunity with Shaklee 180 has increased up to 75% from the previous earning opportunity. You can take that to the bank!

180 Support Tools — For all the great 180 support tools and training videos, go to and hover your mouse over the My Business tab and in the drop down window, you’ll see the links for 180 Training Videos and 180 Business Tools.

One last bit of advice– when approaching people about Shaklee 180 and losing weight—be subtle. Don’t say—you look like you could lose some weight, want to try our diet? SMACK! Here is one example of a subtle approach— I have a weight loss business and I’m looking for people who might be interested in a simple weight loss program that really works. (If you’ve lost any amount of weight with Shaklee 180, say it’s really worked well for you). Can you think of anyone I might be able to give some information to?

Share Shaklee 180 and be a part of The Shaklee Effect™!

Happy Holidays!

Rod Larkin”
Shaklee Key Coordinator, MI

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