Happy 2015! It’s a brand new year and we have a brand new format for our order inserts. We hope that they continue to keep you up to date on our specials, events, and all things happening with Shaklee. To that end, they will now be updated monthly.

In 2014, Shaklee made some significant improvements to its product line as well as opportunity program. It’s not always easy to adjust for any of us, but change can be inevitable. We know  that Shaklee’s products continue to be of the highest quality available, with a history and reputation unmatched, and so even after being in business for 50 years, we are as committed as ever to assisting others with their natural health needs. Shaklee products are now organized under the following 5 categories and we are here to help you find what you are looking for:

Healthy Foundations / Solutions / Weight / Beauty / Home

If you are our customer already, you are most likely a Shaklee Member now so that you can receive 15% off the retail cost of the products and free shipping. But there are other options too and some of you are Shaklee Distributors in addition to enjoying the products, just like us. Everyone who interacts with Shaklee falls into 3 categories really, starting with those that purchase products for themselves, then those that earn money back from Shaklee when their family and friends purchase also, and those that decide to create a career income by facilitating their own customers and other businesses. All from home nowadays! It’s an opportunity for anyone to take part in and a simple model we all can follow: Use / Share / Build

In 1915, Dr. Shaklee invented the 1st multi-vitamin/mineral product and paved the way for 100 Years of Innovation in natural nutrition for his namesake company. And set many of us on a path that has had ripple effects around the world, creating healthier, wealthier, and happier lives everywhere. We are all part of The Shaklee Effect and we thank you for being on the journey with us! Infinite Blessings!

(Opt-in to receive our monthly health topic News by sending an email, subject line: “enews”. Or Alerts with details of specials & events for locals: “ealerts”.)


It’s a New Year, time for a New  (Leaner) You! 

Shaklee 180

With less sunshine, how do you keep your spirits (& vitamin D levels) up?

Vita D-3 + MoodLift

Harsh winter weather conditions call for extra antioxidant protection with: Vita-E, CarotoMax, & FlavoMax

Keep dry skin hydrated with: Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream


Get 10 pounds healthier and happier in 2015 and set the record with Shaklee 180!

Shaklee has issued a 40,000 pound challenge for the most weight lost as a company between January and March 2015. (The Shaklee 180 program is powered by Leucine-an essential amino acid-and is designed so that nearly every pound you shed is fat.)

1. Start by ordering a Turnaround Kit, Lean & Healthy Kit, or Smoothee Kit. 


2. Download the Shaklee 180 app to your smartphone for accountability.

3. Then listen in on Shaklee’s Tuesday night calls (starting 1/6/15) with Dr. Jamie McManus, Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education, that will

feature tips and success stories along with special guests, including our challenge ambassador, Jacqui McCoy, and Shaklee Field Leaders who are successfully supporting people through the challenge. 5:30 pm PT | 8:30 pm ET

(Dial 1-512-225-3211 | 951025# to join the live call.)

4. Subscribe to our Turn It Around Team RLEI blog for more weekly

motivation and inspiration at www.teamrlei.blogspot.com.


¨ We offer FREE Nutritional Counseling.

¨ Our Loyalty Rewards program is for all our customers that order directly from us.

¨ Mention us to your family and friends and if they place an order, you benefit with our Referral Rewards program.

¨ All our Shaklee customer Members save $$$ on freight costs with us.

(FREE shipping does not apply for HFS items.)

¨ Put your Shaklee order on AutoShip for an additional 10% OFF discount.

¨ Provide us with (or confirm) your email address and we will gift you with a FREE Shaklee Product Guide on your next order.

¨ Non-profit organizations can participate in the Shaklee Fundraising program for FREE as a source of monthly funding.

¨ We reduce, recycle, and reuse packaging from our office as much as possible.



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