Plan A, Plan B, & Our Shaklee Plan C


Do you have a plan A AND a plan B? Interestingly, many people who join Shaklee start out with the potential for doing it as a business as their “plan B” in case something happened with their full-time career job. And it’s a legitimately successful way to do it. Shaklee can be part-time, from home, on the weekends, in between phone calls, during play dates, you name it. And then comes a day when that residual income starts to add up and more and more distributors start to rethink their future with Shaklee. Maybe it can be “plan A”? We have seen it time and time again, as we witness individuals, couples, and whole families find a career purpose. Shaklee is their only plan and they build their business around their lifestyle. We know firsthand too, that’s how it began for our family. 5 decades later Shaklee is still our only plan and we have 4 generations benefiting from it. Maybe we should call our legacy income passed onto successive generations even a “plan C”. Not many situations out there allow the financial rewards of all your hard work to continue on after you’re gone. Is it time to rethink your plan for your future?

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