Here’s Your Opportunity 100 Years Later


“One hundred years ago, a young chiropractor took the very first steps toward developing what would become one of the first multi-vitamin supplements in the world.  At the time, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee’s project was simply to help the people in his practice to build health.  He could not have imagined the impact his actions would eventually have on millions of people, across the globe, and how these small, positive steps would become part of a massive trend leading people toward better choices for a long and healthy life.  It was the beginning of what we now call “The Shaklee Effect,” and this year is our celebration of its origins 100 years ago.”

For half of that time, for 50 years, we have been a part of that rippling effect as well. How fortunate for our family!

If you’re interested in finding out how YOU could also partner with Shaklee for YOUR next 50 years, watch this quick video here. (And you’ll see our founders and grandparents, Bob & Pat, featured in it as they toast to the kind of success only the Shaklee Opportunity can give you!)

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