The Shaklee Community Effect – Trees!

One woman. One idea. And 14 billion trees later.

Ever wonder if you can truly make a difference in the world? Then Earth Day—which celebrates the start of a movement that directly led to the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species acts—is the perfect day for you to meet Shaklee Master Coordinator Ellie Rogers.

How big ideas take root

When Roger Barnett first bought Shaklee in 2004, Ellie wrote him to encourage our company to plant trees and invite others to join us. It was such a good idea that when Roger met Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai, he invited her to become the global ambassador for our “A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™” campaign.

Challenge accepted

Inspired by the Shaklee commitment, Dr. Maathai went on to challenge the United Nations: if a company in the US could plant a million trees, surely the United Nations could plant a billion.

Today, nearly 14 billion oxygen-producing, carbon-absorbing trees have been pledged or planted around the world. All because one Shaklee Business Leader understood how small, positive steps taken by one person can be amplified by a community of people to create a very, very big effect—that’s The Shaklee Effect™.

Ellie’s 5 steps towards a healthier world

Here are some simple ways you can start making a difference, too:

  1. Plant trees. Trees clean the air, protect waterways, create habitat for people and animals, and save heating and cooling costs by providing shade and shelter when planted near your home.
  2. Recycle deeper. Most of us know by now to separate glass, plastic, and paper for recycling. Get more committed. Bring your electronics, fluorescent lights, and batteries to local recycling centers. Visit Earth911 to find out where in your area.
  3. Work together. Create a once-a-month cleanup committee in your neighborhood to make your community safer, more beautiful, and healthier for everyone.
  4. Dispose of toxics properly. Learn what substances need special disposal procedures. Read the label before pouring any chemical down the drain, and replace toxics with safe, green, effective, and cost-saving cleaners like Get Clean®.
  5. Teach the children. The future of our planet will pass from your hands to the small ones in your home. Teach them that all of our choices have an impact and the responsibility we have to protect and respect the home we all share—the earth!

Think global. Clean local.

At Shaklee, our environmental leadership doesn’t stop at tree planting, it’s also reflected in the products we share every day. In fact, our entire Get Clean® product line is dedicated to helping families live greener, cleaner, and healthier lives at home while making a difference for the whole planet.

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