Shaklee Live 2015 Workshops Announced


Come to Cleveland and get in-depth training to help you grow leaders, grow volume and grow your income at these exciting Shaklee Live workshops.

Workshop Schedule:

Friday, August 14, 2015
Workshops will run in three consecutive one-hour segments with a break for lunch. Speakers will rotate between ballrooms. Attendees need only find a seat once in the ballroom assigned to their geographic region for the morning and by rank for the afternoon. Each workshop will rotate through each ballroom.

Part I:
Share the Gift of Shaklee with Use-Share-Build:  Join these workshops to learn how to leverage the launches shared from the main stage!

Part II:
Leadership Development Workshops by Rank:
Join these workshops specific to your leadership rank to achieve the “mindset” of your specific role.

Friday Morning Workshops
9:00 am—12 noon

Share the Gift of Shaklee:  For Distributors by Distributors
Co-created and taught by Field Leaders, these workshops will help you take all the exciting main stage launches – tools, products and processes—and leverage them to grow your business and team with the Use, Share, Build framework.

New Product Innovation: – In celebration of 100 years of Dr. Shaklee’s pioneering work on Vitalized Minerals, Shaklee introduces innovative new products that will attract new people and simplify how you share Shaklee. Learn the benefits of these new products from our very own Dr. Bruce Daggy. Then hear simple “conversational approaches” for sponsoring new members with this entry path from Master Coordinator Barbara Lagoni.


  • Dr. Bruce Daggy, Senior VP R & D and Chief Science Officer
  • Barb Lagoni, Master Coordinator
  • Elena Panos, VP Training

Grow your business in “The New Economy”- Target demographics that are growing, and hear from Shaklee Leaders having firsthand results with growing communities, such as fitness studios, moms and diversified markets. Learn how the new product innovations and New GoldPAKs can help you sponsor new people into your business to propel growth and how to target growing demographics to sponsor and duplicate new Business Leaders.


  • Kevin Crandall, VP Sales & Field Development
  • Carlos Blanco, Senior Master Coordinator
  • Field Leader Panel (to be announced)

Business on Your Mobile- Build your business while on the go, all from your phone! Share content, place orders, track your performance and get notifications anytime and anywhere. Learn how to activate your business on mobile and use the new app to drive growth from the Field Leaders involved in designing the user experience from the concept to launch.


  • George Shehata, VP Customer Relationship Management
  • Bonnie Donahue, Key Coordinator
  • Ashley McDonald, Senior Coordinator

Afternoon Workshops
2:00 pm—5:00 pm
Leadership and Mindset: Real life stories from growing Shaklee Field Leaders
Having the right mindset, attracting the right people, playing to win, and leading yourself are some of the topics that we’ll cover during Friday afternoon workshops.

LEVEL 1: Distributor to Associate-The Right Mindset

Are you attracting the right people? Are you in the right mindset?  Learn the basic activities to be practiced every day to sponsor, build your business and create momentum.


  • Tasha Starr, Master Coordinator

Think, Change, and Grow:
Before you lead others, you must “lead yourself.” This workshop will help you clarify your belief system, identify your influence, and understand the difference between being a coach and being a mentor.


  • Andrew Devlin, Executive Coordinator

Maximize the comp plan:
Understand how to earn with Shaklee and the many benefits of being a Shaklee Distributor and learn simple ways for showing the opportunity to earn to others.


  • Jennifer Glacken, Senior Master Coordinator

LEVEL 2: Director & Senior Director – Build & Duplicate

Building with a process:
Having a plan to follow everyday will drive behaviors and good business building skills. Learn from Senior Master Coordinators Jeanne and Steve Toovell how they applied the planning process to build their large organization. You will learn the specifics of the new member and distributor process used by Jeanne and Steve to build their organization.


  • Jeanne & Steve Toovell, Senior Master Coordinators

Maximize the comp plan:
Are you maximizing your opportunity to build and earn. Are you comfortable teaching others to earn and share? In this workshop you’ll learn best practices for maximizing your earnings in the Dream Plan and helping your team members to earn with and share the plan.


  • Jennifer Glacken, Senior Master Coordinator
  • Tony Underwood, Master Coordinator

Coaching to win:
Your role as a coach and influencer is key to duplicating yourself. Learn effective techniques from the coach of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team—elite athlete Eli Bremer—along with Rick Seymour, accomplished sportsman and established Business Leader.


  • Eli Bremer, Pure Performance Team Captain
  • Rick Seymour, Senior Key Coordinator

LEVEL 3: Coordinator & Above – Think like a Master

Maximize the comp plan:
Hear from Master Coordinator Jennifer Glacken and Presidential Lifetime Master Coordinator, Jim Burkeon the benefits of building a large organization in the Dream Plan as well as the specific benefits of building in depth.


  • Jennifer Glacken, Senior Master Coordinator
  • Jim Burke, Presidential Lifetime Master Coordinator

Some Ideas on growing and building with Gary:
Legendary Presidential and Lifetime Master Coordinator Gary Burke mines his over 40 years of experience in building and leading a large organization to share key lessons for creating and sustaining the momentum that keeps large organizations growing.


  • Gary Burke, Presidential Lifetime Master Coordinator

Leadership Challenge:
Lifetime Master Coordinator Carlos Cortez shares important insights on the mindset of creating an organization of successful leaders.


  • Carlos Cortez, Lifetime Master Coordinator

Make sure you’re in Cleveland to get the training you need to take your business where you want it to go! 

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