More Than One Family Living The Shaklee Generational Effect


Our friend Robin and her family is so much like ours. They started their multi-generational business the same year as us. She is a granddaughter representing a whole family leading healthier lives, we are 2 granddaughters doing the same. She loves what her family’s business has been able to do for others for 50 years, same as us. Check out her similar story below. There’s more than one family living the Shaklee Generational Effect!

“Master Coordinator Robin Reves-May, CA, heads an amazing family business in Shaklee that was founded by her grandmother 1964 and has continued to thrive and support five generations of people in Shaklee, for over 50 years.

Check out Robin’s Shaklee Effect video about her beautiful Shaklee family legacy:

It all began one hot summer day in Porterville, California.  Helen Knab offered a glass of water to a Shaklee Distributor who was on his way to a presentation with her neighbor.  (The Distributor was Harry Frisch, a Shaklee Leader who would go on to become a Presidential Master Coordinator with one of the largest and most lucrative businesses in Shaklee.)  Helen agreed to hear his presentation of Shaklee products, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the next 22 years, Helen built a large, dynamic team of Leaders.  When Helen passed away, the business passed to Helen’s son Bob Reves and his wife Emily.  Their daughter Robin Reves became interested in the family business as well, and today, Robin and her husband Carl May work the business for the benefit of their children and grandchildren, as well as Robin’s mother.  All in all, five generations of this family have enjoyed the benefits of freedom, stability and purpose that come with building a significant Shaklee business.

Today Robin enjoys a beautiful organization of people from all over the country who are as passionate about Shaklee and the products and the difference the business model make in people’s lives as her grandmother was. Robin still has customers who were her grandmother’s customers 50 years ago! They still call, they still place orders…and that’s priceless. Truly a legacy!

Robin Reves-May and her family are a wonderful testament to how Shaklee provides an income opportunity with the potential to create true generational wealth, and a legacy that can be left to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In fact, a quarter (25%) of all Shaklee Master Coordinator businesses in the U.S. are run by second or third generation family members. Robin’s family business generates well over one million dollars in sales volume each and every month, with over 150 Leaders.  It’s no wonder the family business is called Life on Holiday!

Robin Reves’ story is one of the many reasons why Shaklee is celebrating 100 Years of The Shaklee Effect™, and we also look forward to the next 100 Years of The Shaklee Effect.  Thanks to Helen Knab, generations of her family will continue to enjoy health, wealth and the freedom to enjoy them both, through Shaklee and her efforts to share.  It’s an amazing and inspiring example of the kind of lifestyle is possible through Shaklee.”

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