First Mindworks™ Grant Awarded


First MindWorks™ Grant Awarded to Dr. Jeong-Su Kim

With the launch of MindWorks – our innovative brain health product – in the United States in August 2014, Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett announced that Shaklee would create a fund to support research on nutrition and brain health. Recently, we selected our first MindWorks grant recipient: Associate Professor Jeong-Su Kim of Florida State University. Dr. Kim is an Exercise Physiologist whose primary research interest so far has focused on the study of sarcopenia – the age-related degeneration of skeletal muscle – and other neuromuscular changes related to aging, exercise, and physical function.

Dr. Kim has been awarded more than $100,000 by Shaklee to study the effects of MindWorks supplementation on cognitive function, motor skills, and balance in middle-aged and older individuals. This is an example of Shaklee’s support of nutrition research as well as our confidence in the quality of our products.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial is expected to take more than a year to report results.

MindWorks, a nutritional supplement which is available in the U.S., Canada and Japan, contains key nutrients which have been shown in clinical trials to provide short-term benefits including improvements in memory, concentration and reaction time*, as well as ingredients that support long-term brain health*. It is available only through Shaklee distributors, in bottles containing a 30-day supply in once daily tablet form. We recommend MindWorks to adults (18+, not pregnant or lactating) who are interested in using science-based nutrition to help their mental acuity, today and for years to come.

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