10th Anniversary of the Landmark Study


Ten years ago, hundreds of Shaklee Family Members donated blood and completed online surveys in support of what ultimately became the ground-breaking study that clearly demonstrated what we’ve always known – Shaklee really can change your life. This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original Landmark Study data collection!

In 2005, we gathered data from this most interesting group of long-term users of multiple Shaklee supplements for the Landmark Study, and at this year’s Shaklee Live event in Cleveland, August 12th – 16th, we will undertake a follow-up to this study – Landmark Study 2!

We call this a Landmark study because it was 1) the first of its kind and 2) it showed a strong correlation between use of our Shaklee supplements and better markers of health than non-supplement users OR users of a single supplement, most likely a multi-vitamin.

This group of almost 300 people, whose average age in 2005 was 63, now have an average age of 73.  Our plan is to gather data again from them this year at Shaklee Live in Cleveland looking for ongoing associations with better health than a control group.

We’ve been in contact with essentially all our original group and the vast majority will be available, and are excited about participating in Landmark Study 2. We’re excited too!

We will be measuring the height, weight, blood pressure and waist circumference of participants as well as collecting blood for all the biomarkers we looked at in the initial Landmark Study, along with a few more. Everyone will also complete an updated online questionnaire providing dietary, activity, supplement use and medical histories.

In addition, we will also be reaching out to a newer cohort of Shaklee users—specifically those who have joined Shaklee within the last five years—to collect the same information and blood from a randomly selected subset of this group. So, for anyone who joined Shaklee since January 1, 2010, stay tuned for an email requesting your participation in this study, which will involve online questionnaires before Shaklee Live, as well as the commitment of about 30 minutes of your time very early in the morning in Cleveland to provide measurements and blood.

We honor all of our loyal Shaklee Family and look forward to undertaking yet another Landmark Study to showcase the incredible health results we all see and experience!

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