Trust The Process Of Others


Sharing tips and best practices from top Shaklee Business Leaders with the new “Shaklee Success Effect blog!

Since joining Shaklee a little over two years ago, Elena Panos, VP of Training has been so impressed with the skills and knowledge of our Shaklee Business Leaders. From the start, she understood the power of their experiences to build a business and motivate others to do the same.

Elena has always wanted to share Business Leader’s tips and successes with others, and now the “Shaklee Success Effect” blog provides that opportunity! Her motto is “Why recreate” – if something is working and providing results for someone else, borrow it, personalize it and make it work for YOU.

The Shaklee Effect™ is making a difference one step at a time, and the Shaklee Success Effect is sharing one tip a week that has been proven to work and can make a difference in your Shaklee life!

Look for weekly blog posts from Elena highlighting tips from top Shaklee Business Leaders.

Visit the Shaklee Success Effect blog at

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