Congrats To Our Ewing Org Star Achiever!

This is Anna Mary Boettger from Pennsylvania. She is a Senior Coordinator in Shaklee, a distributor for more than 3 decades, and a Star Achiever who is being honored in Cleveland this week at Shaklee Live.

She is also the winner of our Incentive Program that we hold every year for our growing organization of Shaklee Business Leaders.

So how do we know her?

Well, once upon a time, Bob & Pat Ewing introduced Shaklee to The Terwiskes in the 1960s.

The Terwiskes introduced Shaklee to The Murphys also in the 1960s.

The Murphys introduced Shaklee to The Boltinghouses in the 1970s.

The Boltinghouses introduced Shaklee to The Meehans also in the 1970s.

And The Meehans introduced Anna Mary Boettger to Shaklee in the 1980s.

Our 5 degrees of separation have been 5 levels of earnings for our family for the last 5 decades. It’s the Shaklee way – make money just for sharing what you love about Shaklee with others!

CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Mary on all her achievements this year! She has been an important part of the #shakleeeffect for the last 100 years and will continue to be as we all head into the next 100 years. So we’re sending her an extra $100 bill with a special gift as our winner and wish her much more success to come!



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