Retreat To Palm Springs With The Chairman


What if you had access to one of the most brilliant business minds on the planet? How would that interaction impact the way you do business now and in the future?

If you were at Shaklee Live in Cleveland, then you heard about an exciting new incentive that can offer you just such an opportunity– the Shaklee Chairman’s Leadership Retreat.

The Retreat is an elite training experience, held in Palm Springs, California, for Business Leaders who increase their Personal Group Volume (PGV) between August 1 and December 31, 2015.

This Retreat is unlike any other incentive we’ve ever offered. In addition to the luxury experience that is a hallmark of Shaklee incentive trips, you’ll also enjoy a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from one of the world’s most sought-after business minds, our very own Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett.

Minimum Participation Requirements
To participate in qualifying for this incentive you have to be a Shaklee Business Leader who either attended Shaklee Live 2015 in Cleveland or be registered for Shaklee Live 2016 in Orlando by August 31, 2015. To be considered a Shaklee Business Leader for participation in this incentive, you must be a Business Leader at least one month between February 2015 – August 2015.

What can I qualify for?
When you increase your cumulative PGV “PLUS” above your base by the following milestones during the qualification period, you will earn the highest milestone reward for which you qualify.

Tier Milestone Reward
Tier 1 Increase PGV “PLUS” by 5000 iPad® Mini
Tier 2 Increase PGV “PLUS” by 7500 $750 Orlando Marriott Credit Voucher
Tier 3 Increase PGV “PLUS” by 10,000 Chairman’s Retreat for One
Tier 4 Increase PGV “PLUS” by 20,000 Chairman’s Retreat for Two

Grand Prize – Top Producer

The Shaklee Chairman’s Leadership Retreat Top Producer is the Business Leader with the greatest PGV “PLUS” growth (over their base) during the qualification period. In addition to the Retreat they will earn:

  • Two Free 2016 Shaklee Live Registrations
  • 5 Night Stay at the Orlando Marriott World Center
  • Airfare for two to Orlando
  • $300 Credit Voucher at the Marriott World Center

How is your PGV “PLUS” calculated for qualification?
Your base PGV “PLUS” is the cumulative PGV for the five-month period of February 2015 – June 2015, or 10,000 PGV (whichever is greater).  We want to encourage you to break out new Business Leaders so we will include the PGV of any new First Generation Business Leaders when we calculate your qualifying PGV during the incentive period. That is the “PLUS”. Here’s how it works.  In the month your new leader breaks out, their PGV is already included in yours.  Then each month for the remainder of the qualification period that they continue to maintain as a Business Leader, we will add their PGV to your PGV.  You may hear us refer to this as PGV “PLUS” or just PGV for this incentive.  Your base PGV or PGV “PLUS” was calculated in the same way.
What is PGV “PLUS”?
PGV “PLUS” is made up of your personal group volume (PGV), plus all of the personal group volume (PGV) of your New 1st Generation Business Leaders promoted during the incentive period. (August 1 – December 31, 2015)

How do I know what my base is and how can I track my progress?
Shortly after Shaklee Live in Cleveland, all Shaklee Business Leaders will receive a letter by mail with your PGV base (also referred to as PGV “PLUS” information. That is your starting point. Then in late September, you’ll receive an email with a link to a tracker that will enable you to chart your progress toward earning the incentive.

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