Shaklee Gets Thumbs Up for Creating Culture


There’s been 2 interesting articles so far this month that somehow both support the value of Shaklee. Have you read them?

  1. Jessica Alba’s Honest Company sued for alleged false labeling. The lawsuit alleges the Honest Company falsely says its products are “natural. As reported by CNN Money, there are a lot of integrity and credibility issues coming out about one of the more popular “natural” product lines, with home cleaning products and baby products as part of their portfolio. Shaklee has been making truly non-toxic, biodegradable, safe, effective, and natural green cleaning and chemical free skin and personal care items since the 60s. They do 3rd party tests on their raw ingredients for 350 chemicals and contaminants. Now that’s honestly something to trust.
  2. The Power Of Culture As A Competitive Advantage. We use the words “Shaklee family” and the “Shaklee community” a lot when we talk about the brand we have been partnered with and the people who are a part of it for the last 50 years. But this article in Forbes really delves into the bigger picture of why Shaklee distributors build successful businesses and stay loyal to the Shaklee brand — it’s the culture that’s created. And in our opinion, it’s been the best kind of culture that’s allowed us to make a difference in the world.

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