Green Consumer Day Is September 28th


“Green Consumer Day is observed worldwide every year on September 28. The idea is to purchase only eco-friendly products as a way to highlight the impact consumerism has on the environment…

Why We SHOULD Consume on Green Consumer Day

I want it both ways. I am a strong advocate of buying less. But when we do buy, I advocate shifting our spending to the greenest products and services available. Here’s why:

* Protect our health. Buying greener products is one of the fastest, most effective ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from materials that may contain toxic chemicals. Most conventional items in the marketplace contain compounds that have the potential to cause cancer, reproductive failure, respiratory problems or other illnesses. Choosing non-toxic products reduces our exposure to threatening chemicals.

* Reduce air pollution. Greener products that are made with clean renewable energy significantly reduce the emissions that pollute the air and create smog.

* Save energy. Eco-friendly goods that help us save energy reduce our carbon footprint and save us money, too. Manufacturers that use renewable energy and energy efficiency to create their products generate less air, water pollution and carbon dioxide. If you need to get a new appliance or vehicle, choosing the “greenest” one you can afford makes sense.

* Reuse materials that would otherwise become trash. Pretty much all “trash” is actually some combination of natural resources that get thrown away rather than reused. Green goods made from recycled paper and plastic keep using the energy, water and trees that were harvested for manufacturing in the first place.

* Create incentives to encourage companies to do the right thing. This might be the most important reason of all to shift your spending to greener products and services. When you buy eco goods, you give manufacturers a solid incentive to make them. Consumer spending is a company’s lifeblood. One of the most effective ways to get industry to go green is to favor their competitors’ greener options.”

From “Should We Consume Anything on Green Consumer Day?” By Diane MacEachern

It’s a green consumer day for our family every time we use Shaklee’s Get Clean products. That’s 4 generations since 1964 going green!

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