The Shaklee Effect – 91 Years In The Making


Let’s cozy up by the fire for a moment for a winter’s tale…

Almost 52 years ago (!), Bob & Pat Ewing signed up to be Shaklee Distributors. They didn’t really understand that they were “selling” products, they just focused on sharing this 1 cleaning product in their neighborhood, church, and community because it was AMAZING. It was called “Basic-H”. But they did receive a check to reward them for those “sales”. Month after month, in fact, never a month missed since 1964 (!). That turned into year after year. And now all these decades later, it’s generation to generation. They kept sharing, the nutritional products, the cleaners, the beauty products. They taught others how to do the same, helped them become Shaklee Distributors too. And mentored them as they turned into Business Leaders. They experienced tremendous health for their family, a level of personal wealth they could have never imagined, and a lifestyle they could never have anticipated. Traveling the world. Working for themselves. Driving cars paid for by someone else. Building lifelong friendships.

This month, Bob is turning 91 years old. That’s him in the picture just a couple weeks ago. He is sitting in his bedroom, next to his favorite picture of his late wife, Pat. She was 50 years old in that framed photo. There will be a big party for his birthday, he will be surrounded by his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. And many friends from all the years. There will be friends there that have been in his life almost as long as his wife was before she passed. For 52 years. That’s a life well lived. That’s the Shaklee Effect (!).

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