Shaklee Puts The Heart In Holidays


‘Tis the season to count our blessings, and our Shaklee Family has continuously inspired us through the years with their generous spirit toward others in everything that they do. Together with Shaklee Cares, since 1992, thousands of hours of volunteer time and millions of dollars in cash and product donations have been given to help Shaklee Family Members and their communities rebuild in the aftermath of natural disaster.

What is Shaklee Cares?

Shaklee Cares is a publicly supported, nonprofit organization committed to helping people directly affected by natural disasters and emergencies. When a disaster strikes, Shaklee Cares is there to help, and that help occurs with Shaklee Family Members requesting Product Packs.  Shaklee Cares will also reach out to Shaklee Family Members in the affected area to determine what needs they may have. Once product packs are provided, Shaklee Family Members assemble and distribute the packs to those in need including large relief organizations or smaller community organizations such as churches, or to friends and community members affected by the disaster.

Shaklee Cares contributions range from donations of nutritional supplements, food products and cleaning supplies to cash contributions and volunteer time.

How you can donate to Shaklee Cares?

Shaklee Family Members and others may donate in a variety of ways:

A Paypal donation using a credit or bank card.

A check or money order to: Shaklee Cares, 4747 Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588.

Members may also donate a Product Relief Pack. Product packs contain such items as Shaklee nutritional supplements, Shaklee 180® Meal Bars and Snack Bars, Energy Chews, Shaklee Performance and Get Clean cleaning products.

To donate a Shaklee Cares Relief Pack, please call 1-800-SHAKLEE, or go to the Shaklee Cares section of (Shaklee Cares® Product Pack donations cannot be submitted with your other products—you will need to submit a separate order for your donation of packs).

Shaklee Cares Points

Need a few extra points to help qualify for 2015 trips and the Chairman’s Retreat by December 31st?

You earn one point for your donation of any of the available Shaklee Cares packs. A maximum of 10 points may be earned.

What has Shaklee Cares been up to?

Well, a lot, actually. Here are just a few examples of the recent ways Shaklee Cares, together with our caring Shaklee Family, was able to help those in need.


South Carolina Floods

In October 2015, South Carolina received unprecedented rainfall, resulting in what is being called the “1,000 year flood” which caused destruction and loss of life.

Teri Norsworthy’s (Director, SC) husband was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery when the floods hit their South Carolina town.  When she was able to return home Teri found her home in good shape with little damage.  Her granddaughter Andrea Filyaw, Distributor, wasn’t so fortunate. Andrea, her husband Steven and their three children’s home was flooded. They were living in a mobile home down the road from their house while repairs and clean up were underway.

Once Teri returned home, and her husband was on the road to recovery, Teri requested Shaklee Cares product packs to assemble and distribute to those in need in her community.  Together Teri and Andrea packaged vitamins, nutrition and cleaning supplies for flood victims and first responders. One family pack went to a nurse who lost everything when the flood waters rushed through her family’s home.

Andrea Filyaw applied for a Shaklee Cares grant and received one to help with the clean-up.  Here is what Andrea said upon receiving the news:

“Today was a long crazy day for me! I needed to smile. I have been doing so much paper work trying to see what our next step will be and where we will find a pot of gold! My Grandmother Teri Norsworthy told me about the Shaklee Cares program and I applied for some help. Tonight we received a phone call letting me know my application went through. I teared up! I needed an uplifting today and just to hear that because I am a member of this awesome business they care about my family and are going to help us! What a blessing! Thank you so much!”


Meg Brooks, (Coordinator, SC) has a young baby and wasn’t able to get out for more than a few hours to help in the clean-up and recovery effort in her community.  So, she reached out to determine where she could provide Shaklee Product Packs to help with her community. Meg made the request through Shaklee Cares for these packs, and once received, coordinated with those in her group to assemble product packs and distribute to her neighbors in need.

“My flood-affected Shaklee Family Members are getting a package and a hug from me, and the rest will go to first responders and flood relief work crews. I’m so proud to be with a company with such a giving heart.”

“Yesterday at church, I had the pleasure of delivering the Burts a Shaklee Cares “blessings box” as I’m calling them. Elizabeth and Travis are my wonderful uplines! Prayers for them as they undertake tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to their flood-damaged house, and hoping they and their three beautiful children can return home soon!’

– Meg Brooks


The Valley Fire – Lake County, CA

The Valley Fire was a wildfire during the 2015 California wildfire season that started in September in Lake County, California. . The fire ultimately spread to over 76,000 acres, destroying property and killing people and livestock. The fire is the third-worst fire in California history based on total structures burned.

In October 2015, Nancy Baldwin from Shaklee Corporation had the great honor to personally deliver a Shaklee Cares Grant, assortment of Shaklee products and Halloween treats to Donna Clevenger, (Distributor, CA) and her family in Middletown, CA. Their home and all personal belongings including a family horse were lost in the devastating Valley Fire on September 12th. Donna and her husband Charles were so happy and grateful to the Shaklee Family for these gifts. Your continued support of Shaklee Cares provides this assistance to those in time of need.

Thank you for everything you do to help others in need. Shaklee Cares is a great way to share the Shaklee mission.


Texas Floods

Mary Ann Davis (Associate, TX) delivered Shaklee Cares Product Packs to first responders of the Texas Smithville Fire Department. Smithville has tremendous need as a result of the wildfires and flooding that occurred in October 2015.

Shaklee Cares was also in Texas over four years ago to assist neighboring Bastrop Fire Department in their time of need, and now you can begin to see signs of re-growth. It’s with your continued support of Shaklee Cares, that this assistance can be provided.


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