See The Astronaut Who Just Spent A Year In Space In Person At Shaklee Live!


Shaklee Corporation is over the moon to announce the Shaklee Live! 2016 keynote speakers are Mark & Scott Kelly! Make sure you are there in Orlando to hear from these great astronauts, aviators and American heroes!

You probably have seen it all over the news, when NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov landed back on Earth on March 1st in the Kazakhstan desert. Kelly has completed a nearly yearlong mission on the International Space Station, the longest any U.S. astronaut has been in space.

Read more here about why he went:

We first heard his twin brother, Captain Mark Kelly, U.S. Navy Commander & NASA Shuttle Program Pilot, talk at the Shaklee Global Conference in Washington, D.C. in 2011. He piloted space shuttle Endeavour on its last mission to space. And his wife, congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, was shot at an event in Tucson the same year that made major headlines. He shared a photo with the audience on his Shaklee supplements that he took in space with him! (Shaklee’s incredible “Vitalizer” strip.)

Shaklee has a unique history with the NASA program in general. Since 1993, Shaklee has produced and continues to provide space shuttle crews a unique customized rehydration beverage coined “AstroAid”, which is modeled after Shaklee’s “Performance” product to help NASA astronauts during reentry to prevent kidney damage.

This is really going to be a special event to have both of these amazing men talking with the Shaklee Family. You should be there too!



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