Go For ORLANDO Incentive | APRIL 1 – JUNE 30, 2016


You can go to the Shaklee Global Conference this year on Shaklee’s dime…and going to Orlando could change your life, your health, your finances, and more.

“We look forward to being with the Shaklee Family and experiencing all the incredible things that happen when we get together – networking, training, celebration, renewed friendships.  And we’re over the moon about learning from two of the most accomplished men on the planet — astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.

Now you can earn the cash to cover some of the expenses for this once-in-a-lifetime event by doing what you’re already doing to build your business – helping new people get started in their health journey through Shaklee!

Go for Orlando rewards you for sponsoring new people with a qualifying purchase, and for following up, with cash bonuses you can earn to spend at Shaklee Live 2016 in Orlando, FL.

Earn Follow Up Points from March Sponsoring!

When people you sponsored in March 2016 place a minimum order of 50PV or more in April you earn follow up points towards Go for Orlando shares!

What can I use the cash for?

You can use the cash earned through this promotion in any way you choose.  The cash will be presented to you in Orlando in the form of a check from Shaklee, which can be deposited to your bank account or redeemed in all the usual ways.

We suggest you use the extra cash to help cover the costs of hotel, food, or travel expenses to help you to make the trip to Orlando possible for you!

How is the Go for Orlando bonus share determined?

The Go for Orlando bonus share value is determined by dividing $30,000 by the total number of shares earned by all Go for Orlando earners during April 2016 – June 2016.  We will be paying a minimum amount of $100 per share.

When will I receive my bonus?

The only way to receive your Go for Orlando check is during Registration at Shaklee Live in Orlando…so make sure you’re there!

How will I know how much I have earned with Go for Orlando by the time I need to make my travel plans?

The winners will receive an email congratulating them on the number of shares they earn each month.  If you earned any shares during the promotion period a final email will be sent by July 15th informing you of the total Go for Orlando amount you will be receiving in Orlando.

What is the maximum number of shares that can be earned?

You can earn up to two shares each month for the next three months.  The maximum number of shares you can earn is six shares, which would total a minimum of $600.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Earn shares monthly for the Go for Orlando Bonus Pool of $30,000 (April 2016 – June 2016)
  • Each month you earn 20 personal sponsoring points between April and June 2016, we’ll reward you with one share or a minimum of $100 that you can use while at Shaklee Live in Orlando.
  • Earn 35 personal sponsoring points in a month during that time period and we’ll up that amount to two shares or a minimum of $200.
  • We’ll also give you follow-up points toward earning Go for Orlando when your new Members and Distributors place an order in their second calendar month with Shaklee – 1 point for an order of 50 PV or more.
  • You must register for Shaklee Live 2016 by June 30, 2016 to be eligible and attend conference to receive your Go for Orlando check.
  • Track your points through our Go for Orlando tracker.(login required) – Tracker available beginning April 7, 2016.

Promotion Rules

  • Timing:  This offer is valid in the U.S. and Canada April 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016. This offer is not retroactive.
  • Eligibility:  This offer is open to all Shaklee Distributors, Associates and Business Leaders, hereafter referred to as “Distributors.”
  • Distributors who earn 20 personal sponsoring points within a calendar month during the promotional period will earn one share or a minimum of $100.
  • Distributors who earn 35 personal sponsoring points within a calendar month will earn two shares or a minimum of $200.
  • The $30,000 Orlando Cash Bonus Pool will be divided by the final number of shares earned.
  • Points are earned through personal sponsoring of new Members or Distributors with a qualifying order placed at the time of joining. Points accrue to the Original Sponsor as defined in the Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities of Shaklee Family Members (“P&R”).  Points are earned according to the following:
    • 15 points for a new Distributor with a $1049 Super Gold PAK
    • 10 points for a new Distributor with a $649 Gold Plus PAK
    • 5 points for a new Distributor with a $349 Gold PAK
    • 3 points for a new Member or Distributor with a Shaklee Life Plan or Shaklee 180® Turnaround Kit
    • 2 points for a new Member or Distributor with a 100 PV or more order
    • 1 point for a new Member or Distributor with a 50 PV order
  • Additional follow-up points are earned when a new Member or Distributor sponsored in March, April or May places an order in their second calendar month.
  • One (1) point is earned for a qualifying order placed in the second month with a minimum of 50 PV.
  • Follow-up points count only for the purpose of the Go for Orlando incentive and do not count towards Power Bonuses, incentive trip qualification or Shaklee Star/Star Achiever recognition.
  • To be eligible to receive cash bonuses Distributors must register by 6/30/16 for the Shaklee Live Global Conference in Orlando, FL and one person listed on the business with Shaklee must be in attendance during the conference when the bonuses are awarded.
  • Bonuses will be paid in the form of a check that will be distributed at Shaklee Live 2016 in Orlando, FL. Distributors who earn bonuses, register for conference but do not attend will not receive the cash bonuses.
  • Canadian Distributors who earn shares will receive the equivalent of the U.S. dollar amount per share.
  • Agreement to Rules: By participating in the Promotion, Distributor fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Rules and the decisions of Shaklee which are final and binding. Whether a Distributor receives a bonus is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.
  • Bonuses are non-transferable and no substitution will be made unless Shaklee, in its sole discretion, determines otherwise.  Shaklee is not responsible for paying any taxes or fees associated with bonus receipt and/or use.
  • Shaklee reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the offer, or any part of it without notice. Shaklee, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any individual it finds to be in violation of the Rules of this or any other promotion or in violation of the P&R.”

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