Graduate From Shaklee U


On the new Shaklee University website, new distributors learn step by step how to get started with their business by viewing short and informational course modules designed to bring the best of Shaklee’s learning tools into one place.

The new Shaklee University is designed to provide the support and confidence for a new distributor to focus on income producing activities as well as activities that support their business, while understanding where to go for support and Shaklee resources. (It’s also great for existing builders to get a refresher and know what their new people are experiencing!)

Modules include brief videos, downloadable worksheets and scripts, plus fun interactive activities and quizzes. Then, distributors can celebrate their achievements by earning a badge with each completed course. New distributors are prompted after each module to create an action plan with their Upline.

Give new people a jump start with the first three modules just launched:

  1. Set up your Business
  2. Getting Started
  3. Build a Team

This is just the beginning, with product education and leadership courses to come! Stay tuned!

Visit Shaklee University here.

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