Time For Spring Greening

It’s Earth Day week and we’re having an online Shaklee Spring Greening event!  We hope you will enjoy learning about choices
for making your home and family safer, and our planet greener and cleaner!  

We are a family of 3 generations with a team of like-minded entrepreneurial moms and dads who want the
best for our families, our community, and the world. We share healthy and natural solutions for
nutrition, beauty and home care, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve
whatever you most want – to feel better, look better, feel confident that you’re
providing the best environment for your family free from toxins, or to join our
team and generate extra income for yourself and your family.  

Maybe you share some of our concerns about creating a
healthier home and contributing to a
healthier environment, concerns about household toxins and exposures which can be unhealthy,
especially for young children and pets, concerns about the safety and purity of our water, especially as
community drinking water has become a focus in the news, and concerns about how much household waste we produce and wanting to
minimize our impact on the precious resource of our planet.  

So where do you start? Knowledge is power! Unfortunately, we are basically participating in a giant chemistry experiment and we are the test subjects. Watch this quick but staggering video about our Toxic World and get ready to make some changes. You’re worth it!

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