Sustainability As The Shaklee Example

This is the Shaklee World HQ
in Pleasanton, CA. It was designed in
1998 with sustainability as a guiding principle with myriad energy efficiency
features, certified sustainable wood, recycled carpets and plastics and
received the Savings by Design Energy Efficiency Integration Award by the
AIA. These are a lot of small steps that add up to
a very positive impact on the community and the world.  

all of us can have our homes designed and built on principles of
sustainability, but we can all do our part by making smart choices. Using natural and nontoxic cleaning choices
that actually work and make economic sense is good for you, your family and for
the planet.  

In Shaklee, we believe that small, simple steps shared with others add
up to big results.  It’s what we call The
Shaklee Effect
™ in this video. If each of us does our small part, then
together we can make a big difference for the health of people and the planet.

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