Amazing Starts With You

This year, at Shaklee Live 2016 in Orlando, we’ll be celebrating 60 years of Creating Healthier Lives® and Living in Harmony with Nature®.  But even more importantly, we’ll be celebrating the reason that Shaklee is privileged to mark such an amazing milestone.  And that, put very simply, is You.

Because you are truly the heart and soul of Shaklee – all that we have achieved over 60 years, and all that we will accomplish together in the future – we’re dedicating this Shaklee Live event to you.  The Shaklee community is an outstanding example of people supporting others in achieving their goals for health, for a better life, and for personal fulfillment.  We see this demonstrated every day, in our conversations with you, in conference calls, meetings and in social media.  Our people are the best expression of who we are and what we stand for.  And there is no better time to acknowledge and illustrate this than at our annual Shaklee Family reunion.

At Shaklee Live in Orlando, you’ll experience:

  • The incredible legacy of Leaders who have beautifully embodied our mission and extended The Shaklee Effect™ of better health and economic empowerment to countless families.
  • Encouragement, coaching and inspiration from members of our diverse Shaklee Family – people whose lives have been changed, and who have in turn helped others to transform their lives.
  • Stories of perseverance and overcoming adversity from everyday people – both within and outside of our Shaklee Family – to inspire and motivate you on your path to success.

The Shaklee Family is teeming with Leaders who, starting with just themselves, their own desire and effort, built amazing organizations of dedicated people and extraordinary lives.  Everything that you desire from your Shaklee business starts with you.  Health starts with you.  Success starts with you. Leadership starts with you.  The Shaklee Effect™ starts with you.

Shaklee Live 2016
Starts with You!
Orlando, Florida
August 3-7, 2016

Learn more and register:

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