June 2016 – RLEI Review


During the month of June, we’re shining a light on men’s health and helping the men in our lives be strong in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to our core nutrition products, like Vitalizer™ for Men and Shaklee Life Plan, we’re also focusing on brain health and energy.

MindWorks® Think fast. Stay sharp. Neural connections in our brains start declining as early as age 20, and by age 45 this decline occurs even more rapidly. Studies show the key ingredients in MindWorks improve short-term mental sharpness and support long-term cognitive health. MindWorks is powered by an exclusive chardonnay seed extract and carefully selected guarana.

CorEnergy uses a cordyceps extract from a mushroom in China that has been found to enhance stamina, possibly by promoting more efficient use of oxygen and enhancing cardiovascular health. It also contains green tea extract for the antioxidant benefits of one cup of green tea. Three capsules provide herbal adaptogens and antioxidant phytonutrients that support the body’s own ability to maintain energy and resist everyday fatigue.

Each month we are having a Facebook Party! And there will be a special raffle winner of a valuable Shaklee product at the end just for participating in the online event! For June, tee up with us and tune in for our top 1o tips about men’s wellness from the comfort of your own home.

Infinite Blessings! (Opt-in to receive our monthly health topic News by sending an email, subject line: “enews”. Or Alerts with details of specials & events for locals: “ealerts”.)


Happy Father’s Day!

Be good to your papa & your prostate with:

Saw Palmetto Complex

Keep it simple! Combat oily skin & thinning hair…

Enfuselle Acne Clarifying Complex 

+  ProSante Nourishing Scalp Treatment

A basic hygiene routine for men, dads, & professionals on the go:

Meadow Blend Cleansing Bar, Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream,

Desert Wind Roll-on Antiperspirant, & Antiperspirant Cream


Vitalizer for Men helps provide an excellent nutritional foundation. Vitalizer supports heart, bone, joint, immune, digestive, brain and vision health, and physical energy.

In addition, Life Shake can help men increase energy, achieve a healthier weight, and provide digestive and immune support.


¨ We offer FREE Nutritional Counseling.

¨ Our Loyalty Rewards program is for all our customers that order directly from us.

¨ Mention us to your family and friends and if they place an order, you benefit with our Referral Rewards program.

¨ All our Shaklee customer Members save $$$ on freight costs with us.

(FREE shipping does not apply for HFS items.)

¨ Put your Shaklee order on AutoShip for an additional 10% OFF discount.

¨ Provide us with (or confirm) your email address and we will gift you with a FREE Shaklee Product Guide on your next order.

¨ Non-profit organizations can participate in the Shaklee Fundraising program for FREE as a source of monthly funding.

¨ We reduce, recycle, and reuse packaging from our office as much as possible.

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