Accept the Shaklee HEALTHPRINT Challenge – 100 In 100 Days

Invite new and existing people to start creating the foundation for their longer, healthier life with the Shaklee Healthprint™ personalized health builder.

This is a game changer for your business! Why? The Shaklee Healthprint™ personalized health assessment arms you with insights about your new and existing Members that help you create engagement and conversations to help drive growth.

Here’s how it works:

  • SHARE: Share a link to the digital health assessment via your Shaklee PWS or the Shaklee Connect™ app. Click here to see the Healthprint assessment and take it yourself!
  • COMPLETE: The recipient answers a set of simple lifestyle, health goal and behavior questions.
  • RESULTS: Once complete, they will receive:
    • Health and Wellness Score – based on where they are relative to their goals and potential.
    • Health Insights – with recommendations and educational content, backed by Shaklee Science, to support their health goals.
    •  Nutritional Program –recommended products to support their health goals, at a variety of price points.
    • Special Offers – New Members who complete their Healthprint™ assessment and join with a $150 (MP) order will get free Membership. New and existing Members who complete their Healthprint™ assessment and purchase the comprehensive product recommendation will receive a free product. (See below for details)
  • FOLLOW UP:  Respondents can print a copy of their Healthprint™ assessment results for future reference and you also receive a copy by email to guide future conversations.

Shaklee Healthprint™ Challenge! August 4 – November 14, 2016
Shaklee Business Leaders! Accept the challenge to help 100 people get on the path to better health! Invite 100 people to complete a Shaklee Healthprint assessment between August 4, 2016 – November 14, 2016 to earn exciting rewards!

Healthprint™ Challenge Rewards

  1. 25 Completed – Invitation to join a special coaching call with a Presidential Master Coordinator
  2. 50 Completed – Shaklee-branded Notecards
  3. 75 Completed – An exclusive four-week leadership training via video broadcast with Shaklee President of U.S. and Canada, Heather Chastain, and select Master Coordinators.
  4. 100 Completed –  1000 Chairman’s PGV+ towards the 2017 Shaklee Chairman’s Leadership Retreat to Napa Valley, California.

Not yet a Business Leader?  Use Shaklee Healthprint™ assessments to build your business and promote to Director by November (or sooner) to qualify for the first three rewards above.

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