Have A Glass Of Wine at the Shaklee CHAIRMAN’S LEADERSHIP RETREAT 2017 in Napa Valley

Reenergize, renew and refocus at the 2017 Shaklee Chairman’s Leadership Retreat…an elite training experience held in the picturesque beauty of Napa Valley – home to world class wineries, resorts and restaurants.

Hosted by Shaklee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roger Barnett, the Chairman’s Leadership Retreat offers unique opportunities to deepen leadership skills, network with other successful leaders at all levels, and gain insights on what it takes to lead thriving organizations.

Get there by increasing your Chairman’s PGV+ Qualification Volume, over your Chairman’s PGV+ Base volume.

What can I qualify for?
When you increase your cumulative Chairman’s PGV+ above your base by the following milestones during the qualification period, you will earn the highest milestone reward for which you qualify.

  • Increase Chairman’s PGV+ by 30,000 – Trip for Two to the Retreat
  • Increase Chairman’s PGV+ by 21,000 – Trip for One to the Retreat
  • Increase Chairman’s PGV+ by 15,000 – Shaklee Global Conference 2017 Hotel Credit of $500
  • Increase Chairman’s PGV+ by 9000 – Shaklee Custom Cooler

Who is eligible?
Shaklee Business Leaders who either attended Shaklee Live 2016 in Orlando or are registered for the 2017 Conference in Atlanta by August 31, 2016.

What is Chairman’s PGV+?
The volume that counts toward your qualification for this year’s Chairman’s Leadership Retreat.  Chairman’s PGV+ is your PGV + the PGV of any new 1st Generation Business Leaders promoted.

How is your Chairman’s PGV+ base calculated?
Your base Chairman’s PGV+ base is the cumulative PGV for the six-month period of January – June 2016, + the PGV of any new Leaders promoted during the base period (January – June 2016) or 12,000 Chairman’s PGV+ (whichever is greater).

How is your Chairman’s PGV+ calculated during the qualification period?
During the qualification period of August 2016 – January 2017 we calculate your Chairman’s PGV+ each month.  Chairman’s PGV+ is your PGV + the PGV of any new Leaders promoted between January 2016 and January 2017.  We want to encourage you to break out new Business Leaders so we include the PGV of any new First Generation Business Leaders that broke out this year when we calculate your qualifying Chairman’s PGV+ during the incentive qualification months.

Here’s how it works.  In the month your new leader breaks out, their PGV is already included in yours.  Then each month for the remainder of the qualification period that they continue to maintain as a Business Leader, we will add their PGV to your PGV – making it Chairman’s PGV+.

Who is considered a new Business Leader?

For the purposes of the Chairman’s PGV+, a new Business Leader is:

  • First time promoted Business Leader
  • A re-appointed Business Leader that was not a Business Leader between January – December of 2015.

How do I know what my Chairman’s PGV+ base is and how can I track my progress?
Your Chairman’s Leadership Retreat Tracker is the place to find this information.  Go tohttp://www.ShakleeChairmansLeadershipRetreat.com (external link) to see the tracker and follow your progress.  Your personalized base and goals are updated monthly on your tracker. During the qualification period your Chairman’s PGV+ calculation will be updated, around the 18th of the month. Check back frequently to track your progress towards earning the Shaklee Chairman’s Leadership Retreat.

When will the tracker be available?
The Chairman’s Leadership Retreat tracker will be available to all current Business Leaders as of June PV month.  If you promoted to Director in July, your tracker will not be available until August 18th. If you are currently a Member, Distributor or Associate and you promote to a Business Leader in August, your tracker will be available by September 20th and your Chairman’s PGV+ base will be set 12,000.

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