On Top of the World in Rio

If it’s good enough for 16 Olympic medal winning athletes…

“Rio de Janeiro shifted to the top of the world for 17 amazing days this month, and standing tall at the largest Games in history were 37 Shaklee Pure Performance Team athletes, all of whom represented their sport, their countries, and the Shaklee Family with dignity and great performances we may never forget.

16 of those Shaklee athletes proudly walked away with medals, and virtually all of them have expressed the same sentiment: “All the hard work and sacrifices were worth it!”  The world watched in amazement as these and the nearly 11,000 other polished athletes put on a brilliant show that bespoke power, skill, speed, endurance, and no small amount of exuberance.  Simply put, these athletes were the greatest.

Here are the Pure Performance Team members who won medals in Rio:

(Click on each athlete’s name for a link to their official results)

Congratulations to those incredible achievers – the Shaklee Family could not be more proud of you!

We’re no less proud of those who played, fought, swam, ran, jumped, wrestled, and fenced their way to performances that were, in many cases, lifetime bests and incredible accomplishments.  These Shaklee athletes may not have grabbed a medal this time around, but they certainly grabbed our hearts as they fought with grit, toughness, and grace.

Of course, the world gravitates toward the quick-glance results, heralding the top performers, record breakers, and medal winners.  But each of these incredible athletes has forged an inspirational story that was years in the making.

Each and every one of our Pure Performance Team Members walk on the field with a dream to be the best, and walk off the field with the knowledge that they brought out the spirit of high achievement in all who helped, watched, and cheered.  Congratulations to all of you!”

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