September 2016 – RLEI Review


Check out all the incredible introductions from Shaklee Live…

1. PRENATAL APPROVED! Now Vitalizer Women and Vita-Lea with Iron contain optimized micronutrient levels designed especially for women before, during, and after pregnancy, and while nursing. They both now contain 800 mcg of folic acid, 200 mcg of iodine, and 18 mg of iron. 

2. Shaklee Life-Strip™ UPDATES! Our foundational multivitamin strip has gone through some exciting new changes! OmegaGuard® Plus— our ultra-concentrated DHA/EPA Omega-3 supplement is now smaller and easier to swallow. Vita-Lea Life Advanced Multivitamin now with 150% more lutein and 213% more zeaxanthin to support optimal eye health. And you’ll notice a natural orange scent! 

3. HEALTHY CLEANSE complete system OFFERED! It features a carefully selected combination of Shaklee supplements (Alfalfa Complex/Liver DTX Complex/Herb-Lax/Optiflora Probiotic Complex) with a supporting diet plan ideal for those who want to feel better in 7 days and then transition to a Shaklee Life nutritional plan or help jump-start a weight loss program with Shaklee 180®. 

4. The NEW Pumpkin Spice Life Energizing Shake™ will be available to ship to you in October. You must order now while supplies last! It’s Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Low Glycemic, Kosher, and Free of Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, and Preservatives. But full of fall flavor! 

5. NEW Shaklee BLOG! Get Shaklee product, lifestyle, and science information at your fingertips with Naturally: 

6. NEW Shaklee PODCAST! Get the in-depth science, product and Shaklee news you’ve come to love from Hotline. Use the SoundCloud app. 

7. Chairman’s Leadership Retreat! You can earn an elite training experience at the Napa Valley home of Shaklee’s CEO, Roger Barnett. 

Each month we are having a Facebook Party! And there will be a special raffle winner of a valuable Shaklee product at the end just for participating in the online event! For September, tune in for our top 10 tips about going back to school, from the comfort of your own home. 

Infinite Blessings! (Opt-in to receive our monthly health topic News by sending an email, subject line: “enews”. Or Alerts with details of specials & events for locals: “ealerts”.)


Happy New School Year!

It’s back to school for the kids & back to nutrition basics for the whole family with Vita-Lea & Liqui-Lea products

Building blocks of better health include protein & fiber:

Instant Protein Soy Mix + Fiber Plan

Help fight the spread of germs at home, work, & school with Basic-H2 wipes, Germ Off Wipes, Hand Wash, & Dispenser


INTRODUCING HEALTHPRINT! It’s a FREE and PERSONALIZED Health Builder Assessment Tool. It takes 5 minutes to fill out online and you get your customized results sent to your email. There are diet, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition recommendations, all designed by doctors and research scientists of Shaklee’s Health Sciences team and advisors from the Harvard School of Public Health and Mayo Clinic. Just go here anytime:

(Fill it out and get $15 credit on your account with us until the end of 2016!)


¨ We offer FREE Nutritional Counseling.

¨ Our Loyalty Rewards program is for all our customers that order directly from us.

¨ Mention us to your family and friends and if they place an order, you benefit with our Referral Rewards program.

¨ All our Shaklee customer Members save $$$ on freight costs with us.

(FREE shipping does not apply for HFS items.)

¨ Put your Shaklee order on AutoShip for an additional 10% OFF discount.

¨ Provide us with (or confirm) your email address and we will gift you with a FREE Shaklee Product Guide on your next order.

¨ Non-profit organizations can participate in the Shaklee Fundraising program for FREE as a source of monthly funding.

¨ We reduce, recycle, and reuse packaging from our office as much as possible.

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