RLEI Organization Recap for September 2016!

Check out…


MICKI & TOM ROBERTS: Key Coordinators in Arvada, Colorado

“My Shaklee journey began 22 years ago when our kids were 3 and 5 years old. After receiving my degree in psychology and getting married, my husband Tom and I spent a year traveling throughout Australia and then settled in Boulder, CO. I obtained a job as a manager at a health food store. I loved learning about nutrition and healthy ways of living. After our second child was born we decided that it made financial sense for me to stay home with the kids, considering the cost of childcare. Shaklee came into our lives via a “welcome wagon” representative. I was introduced to the EARN & LEARN program and soaked up the information like a sponge. Shaklee totally aligned with my ideals and beliefs, and I remember thinking, “WHERE HAS THIS COMPANY BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!”

Our belief in the products and company grew as we began to feel better. We had more energy, our allergies went away, and no more sinus infections or bronchitis. Money was tight back then, so my first goal was to get our products paid for. I knew I needed to quickly achieve the rank of Director, and subsequently built to the rank of Senior Director…then one day Don Simecka called and said, “If you do 200 more PV next month, you will qualify for a bonus car!” WOW!! I built our business to Senior Coordinator and maintained that rank for many years. No complaints, I earned a career level income working part-time hours, and was able to attend every field trip, class party and sporting event that our children were involved in. Around 2010, things started to change. I had a bit more time, the Dream Plan was launched and our team began a regrowth era. Earning the Top Achiever’s trip to Bora Bora and Kenya were definitely amazing experiences, and a highlight of my Shaklee career. We are now Key Coordinators with sights to INFINITY AND BEYOND!”

Micki and Tom are superstars in the Shaklee Colorado family. They often appear in our top 10 list of PGV earners, in the top 10 of sponsoring, and have promoted many leaders on their team in the last few years. They are just 1 rank away from becoming the next Master Coordinator team in our organization and with consistent and committed (re)growth in the last 6 years, we have full faith they will be soon. In fact, we would put some money down on that bet! They are a shining example of how you can “plateau” in this business for a certain amount of time but experience a renewal of purpose and rebirth in your goals, resulting in continued successes.

They are also treasured within their branch of our Ewing Organization Shaklee tree. Consider the long history of their Shaklee lineage…

Bob Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Don & Carolyn Spargur Family, SRMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Kirsch Family, SRKYCRD (joined in the 1970s)

The Don & Pat Simecka Family, SRMCRD (joined in the 1970s)

And welcome…


Director: A. Couch

Sponsored by:  R. Couch, CRD

Director: T. Leonard

Sponsored by:  D. & C. Spargur, Inc., SRMCRD

Director: L. Phillips

Sponsored by:  D. & C. Spargur, Inc., SRMCRD

Coordinator: R, Couch

Sponsored by:  J. & E. Boltinghouse, MCRD


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