November 2016 – RLEI Review



As temperatures drop and the days get shorter it is a great time to power your immune system with this tremendous trio of products: the IMMUNITY POWER PACK. Purchase Nutriferon® & Vitalized Immunity™, and get Defend & Resist at the special price of only $5. Item Code #89425.

Create a healthy foundation for your kids to learn, play and grow with the SHAKLEEKIDS POWER PACK ! Purchase Incredivites®, Mighty Smart® Choice & Chewable Vita-C® together, and get $10 off the entire order. Item Code #89423.

And one of the coolest parts about it is the SUPERHEROES GUIDE included, a special color-fold out that has great nutrition information for you and fun things for the kids to do!

Each month we are having a Facebook Party!  And there will be a special raffle winner of a valuable Shaklee product at the end just for participating in the online event! For November, tune in for our top 10 tips about natural vitality and longevity, from the comfort of your own home. Infinite Blessings! (Opt-in to receive our monthly health topic News by sending an email, subject line: “enews”. Or Alerts with details of specials & events for locals: “ealerts”.)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Write your own prescription for longevity: Vitalizer, Life Energizing Shake, Life-Strip (check!)

Keep your mind sharp with Mental Acuity Plus & MindWorks

It’s the amount of healthy life in your years AND years in your healthy life that count with NutriFeron, Vita-E Complex, Chewable Cal Mag Plus, & Lecithin everyday

(Keep that body AND brain functioning well!)


INTRODUCING HEALTHPRINT! It’s a FREE and PERSONALIZED Health Builder Assessment Tool. It takes 5 minutes to fill out online and you get your customized results sent to your email. There are diet, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition recommendations, all designed by doctors and research scientists of Shaklee’s Health Sciences team and advisors from the Harvard School of Public Health and Mayo Clinic. Just go here anytime:

(Fill it out and get $15 credit on your account with us until the end of 2016!)


¨ We offer FREE Nutritional Counseling.

¨ Our Loyalty Rewards program is for all our customers that order directly from us.

¨ Mention us to your family and friends and if they place an order, you benefit with our Referral Rewards program.

¨ All our Shaklee customer Members save $$$ on freight costs with us.

(FREE shipping does not apply for HFS items.)

¨ Put your Shaklee order on AutoShip for an additional 10% OFF discount.

¨ Provide us with (or confirm) your email address and we will gift you with a FREE Shaklee Product Guide on your next order.

¨ Non-profit organizations can participate in the Shaklee Fundraising program for FREE as a source of monthly funding.

¨ We reduce, recycle, and reuse packaging from our office as much as possible.

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