How To Get A Free Product + Free Membership + Free Shipping with Shaklee

Save $80 when joining the #1 Natural Nutrition Company community!

Here’s what you get as a Shaklee Member:

1. Discount of 15-25% on all Shaklee products.

2. 100% Money Back Guarantee on Safety, Purity and Proven Effectiveness. (How much do people love the products? Less than 1% of the products purchased are returned and the average customer has been using Shaklee products for over 18 years!)

3. Recipes, Meal Plans + The Shaklee 180 Fitness Program with 3 different intensity levels designed by Shaklee Pure Performance Team (and Olympic) athletes of step-by-step workouts to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

4. Health Tip Articles from Health, Sciences and Education (Shaklee has 75+ Full Time Scientists).

5. Library of 100+ Published Scientific Studies, many of which are in peer-reviewed scientific journals that support the safety and efficacy of ingredients and product formulations.

How to take advantage of this offer and join as a New Member:

1. Complete the Healthprint Assessment to help find targeted nutrition solutions based on your diet/lifestyle habits + top 3 health goals. Amazing way to harness the guidance of 60+ years of research from award-winning doctors, scientists, and nutritionists to provide a customized nutrition plan just for you. =>>

2. Under the section “Choose from 3 Personalized Recommendations” – Review Basic, Advanced and Comprehensive product recommendations. Click “ADD ALL TO CART” at the bottom based on total amount you would like to pay. Advanced will receive a Free Product & Free Membership. Comprehensive will receive Free Product, Free Membership and Free Shipping. All of this will automatically be added to your cart.

3. Want something a little different than the recommendation? You can change up the products in your cart while you’re in the checkout process. But to get the offer, the order has to be at least as much as the total amount of the original recommendation – before shipping, handling and tax are added.

How to take advantage of this offer as an Existing Member:

1. Visit your MyShaklee account at
Complete the Healthprint Assessment located under the Shopping Tab/Personalized Health. Follow steps 2 and 3 above.
Have a question? Contact us anytime!

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