RLEI April 2017 ROLL CALL!

Welcome New Customers!

Sharon Hrdlicka,  Katherine Tadlock

Congrats Customer Loyalty Rewards Earners!*

Dorothy Mcdugald, Janet Mason, Janice Demetropolis, Judi Dodson, Kathy Madraso, Kay Rando, Mary Maury, Nancy Frommholz, Patricia Jones, Rosalind Doak, Saundra Frizzell, Sharon Hrdlicka, Shigemi Sakai

*(Every month, order $100+ ,  automatically receive $15 credit  on account)

Congrats Customer Referral Rewards Earners!**

Norma Yarbrough, Doris Doyle

**(Receive $15 credit on account for every new customer referral that places an order)

Congrats Shaklee Member/Distributor/Associate Cash Back Bonus Earners!

Janice Demetropolis, Joan Bachman-Mcgee, Cecile Denuccio, Carmelina Domorski, Glenda Edgell, Betty Jo Eggleston, Justino Jimenez, Willis Meyer, Rebecca Nakamura

Contact us to learn more about our rewards.



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