RLEI Organization Recap for March 2017!

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RICHARD & NATALIA SOESILO: Senior Executive Coordinators in Aliso Viejo, California

“Our tipping point was back in October 2005, when Richard had a health issue after returning from a European business trip. He had years with an external hemorrhoid, but never felt pain until then. Richard had never been satisfied with taking a ‘pain killer’ from a physician even when it was recommended he have surgery. In December, the late Leon Pemberton, Presidential Master Coordinator, suggested Richard try Shaklee Basic, OmegaGuard, Nutriferon, and Energizing Soy Protein. To his surprise his symptoms disappeared, that was his first Shaklee Effect!

At an Old n New Church party, Richard shared 4 tablets of Nutriferon to a friend acting as Master of Ceremony who had a very bad cough after returning from a China trip. Right after he arrived home, he received an email from her saying Nutriferon had worked so well she didn’t cough during the party. This was a very important moment, Richard’s 2nd ‘proof’ of the Shaklee Effect. A voice inside Richard said, ‘Why don’t you help people with Shaklee?’

He followed that inner voice and in January 2006 he went from a ‘user’ to a ‘doer’ sharing with people. In March 2006, Richard and Natalia qualified for their first Shaklee cruise paid vacation. To date, they have earned 6 incentive trips paid by Shaklee. Their Shaklee business has expanded overseas too since the opening of Shaklee Indonesia in 2012. They have developed 7 Directors in Indonesia.

It all started with the initial connection with Leon Pemberton, his bank client. It was 2 years after first hearing about the Shaklee Difference before it took root for Richard and Natalia. Both Leon and the late Shirley Pemberton were like friends, mentors, and even parents that motivated, educated, and held their hands to thrive.

They feel so fortunate to be a part of this lineage as 5th generation to the late Bob & Pat Ewing since not every family knows the ‘family tree’ several generations up. They love the Shaklee ‘culture’ that puts people first, and that Shaklee always rewards you for it.”

The Soesilos are proof that Shaklee truly has no borders and is an opportunity for everyone! We know they will continue to expand locally and globally and reach even more people.

They have been encouraged by their branch of our Ewing Organization Shaklee tree. Consider the long history of their Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Don & Carolyn Spargur Family, SRMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Kirsch Family, SRKYCRD (joined in the 1970s)

The Hoganson Family, CRD (joined in the 1970s)

The Leon & Shirley Pemberton Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1970s)


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