RLEI Organization Recap for June 2017!

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DEBBIE LESLIE: Senior Director in Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Note: The picture (on the left) I chose was taken after 20 years of using Shaklee’s skincare and supplements which proves that we are definitely helping families experience anti-aging!

About 26 years ago an elderly neighbor knocked on my door with a Shaklee catalog knowing I was pregnant with my 4th child and asked me what prenatal vitamin I was taking. Knowing she was recently widowed and trying to help her out, I ordered Vita-Lea and noticed right away a change in how I felt. She would check on me monthly and convinced me I also needed protein and B-Complex so I also tried those products, not knowing that 5 months along I would almost lose that child due to stress.

Doris Spalding, 76 years young, who had a rare liver disorder and had been a patient at the Mayo Clinic, shared with me that because of the perfect ratio of copper to zinc in Vita-Lea it had extended her life another 9 years! Well, that sure impressed me, but it was her loving follow-up with me that made all the difference!

She also convinced me to change out some cleaning products, but it was the surprise offer that really sold me. She introduced me to the Earn While You Learn program that so impressed me of the quality and science behind the Shaklee products. After that program, her upline Paul and Carrol Ferlin began sharing opportunity tapes with me, and at first I thought many of the people were lying about the lifestyle and money they made. I delivered a healthy 4th child, but little did I know that my husband would leave me a year later. At that time I took the risk to see whether the Shaklee opportunity could really support me.

When I began my business I had been a fulltime homemaker for 22 years who had homeschooled her kids and operated a custom sewing and alteration business from my home. That first year my husband left I had little or no child support, and for 15 years had none, so for the most part Shaklee has been my only source of income for 20 years. Not many start with the three C’s…no Cash, Credit or Car, but I was determined not to hand on generational poverty to my kids, so those first 3 years I worked my business diligently, made several dream boards, and dove in!

I had heard that in the beginning it was more time than money in the start-up, so I wasn’t discouraged that my first bonus check was $14!  I did a ton of in-home presentations and that first year borrowed cars to get there! The thought of putting my youngest in daycare was not an option for me, so I worked around a Mother’s Day Out twice a week, and really talked a lot about the Earn While You Learn program.

I remember sewing bridesmaid’s dresses until 2 am while my toddler slept so I could build my business with cash. My kids did not see their father for 13 years so it was paramount that I have as many Kodak moments that I could during that time. I had many challenges during those years, developed a few Directors, but with no online ordering, working from a 2 bedroom apartment and moving 5,000 PV worth of products from my dining room, I had to have a vision. Keeping focused on personal development and exercising my faith gave me resilience which has always been the plus of growing my Shaklee business.

My 3rd year in the business I earned a bonus car and bought a home and put my youngest child in a Christian school. I now could see how running a consistent 5,000 PV base with Directors could build a solid business with flexible working hours that could change a family’s life. Now 2 decades later, especially with all the technology that we did not have back then, someone as my new Director who works fulltime can get to that rank as I did in 3 months but with so much more ease!

I am so thankful for Roger Barnett, our visionary CEO, who took the outdated infrastructure of this 63 year old company which was a sleeping giant to its full potential. I get excited to see how many more tools we will have going forward that can collapse time frames in setting families free from the hectic lifestyles of stress that lead to more illness in this country and around the world. We really are riding a tidal wave of potential in the best health and wellness business on the planet!

Now in my mid 60s I am more excited about my future than ever before. I’m on no medication, work out 5 days a week, have one on one time with my 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren and look forward to exponential growth in the years ahead. There really is no retirement in Shaklee, but as my Master Coordinator, Carolyn Spargur, would call it, there is only “refiring”, in which she has been a tremendous example!”

Debbie’s eternal optimism continues to pay off as she has recently promoted a new Director, Renee Farr Brown, who earned the recent Power Up to Director incentive!

She has been a persevering member of her branch of our Ewing Organization Shaklee tree. Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Don & Carolyn Spargur Family, SRMCRD (joined in the 1960s)

The Carrol & Paul Ferlin Family, SRCRD (joined in the 1970s)


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