Love Your Life with all the breakthroughs from Shaklee Live!


*It’s here! Skin care products designed to make sure the world sees you the way you see yourself by regenerating your skin cells so they act younger.  Our promise is that YOUTH skin care will not only dramatically improve the health of your skin, but is 100% guaranteed to shift your skin to a younger age.

Unlike ordinary skin care, our advanced technology goes beyond addressing aging on the surface to target the cellular level of your skin.  We do this using a patent-pending Youth Complex that activates a key youth protein to regenerate cells to produce more collagen and elastin helping your skin act younger…so you can Look Younger Longer.

YOUTH is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free and is FREE OF more than 2,500 harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients, delivering Clinical Results Without Compromise.

Get started here today!


**Shaklee Performance provides a safe, proven, comprehensive  way to get the optimized nutrition you need to support your specific activity and fitness goals. Whether you visit the gym twice a week to stay fit and active, or you’re a competitive athlete, Performance has the solution to help maximize your results and speed recovery.

Get started here right now!

***Starting August 10, 2017, we’re introducing a new reward program for Members – the Preferred Member Program.

When new people join Shaklee, and place a $150 order on AutoShip within their first full calendar month, they unlock the benefits of Preferred Membership:

  • 15% Discount off SRP on all products
  • FREE Standard Shipping on all AutoShip orders of $150 or more
  • Option to purchase Preferred Member Special Value Packs at a discount of up to 25% during their first three full calendar months
  • Access to exclusive offers reserved for Preferred Members

****The beauty of a Shaklee business is that you have the flexibility to focus on the things you’re passionate about – whether it’s skin care, fitness, weight management…or a combination of all the above.

With the Success Bonus Program, new people can get started sharing the Shaklee products they’re interested in and begin earning right away.

The program also creates a simple, easy to duplicate path for sustainable growth — for new and existing Distributors.


Sponsor New People at a Target Level of Participation

  • Preferred Member is a person who joins and places a $150 order on AutoShip within their first full calendar month.
  • Qualified Distributors – A Qualified Distributor is a person who joins with a $49.95 New Distributor Welcome Kit and purchases one or more Success Packs within their first full calendar month. Alternatively, new people can unlock Qualified Distributor Benefits by purchasing a New Distributor Welcome Kit and paying a $150 fee.

Earn an Instant Bonus for Sponsoring Qualified Distributors

  • Earn $50 each time you sponsor a Qualified Distributor on their purchase of 1 or more Success Packs.

Earn More When You Sponsor in Increments of Three

  • Earn $25 Success Bonus—Every time you Sponsor 3 New Preferred Members within three rolling months.
  • When you sponsor 3 New Qualified Distributors within three rolling months, you will earn an additional $150 Success Bonus on products purchased.

*****With so many amazing things launched at Global Conference this August, there’s no way we can keep this to ourselves!

Make the most of this momentum and commit to take your sharing to the next level over the next 100 days. And when you personally complete a Success Bonus Cycle PLUS help three people in your Personal Group complete their Success Cycle, you can earn some cool rewards!

What is a success cycle? Sponsoring three (3) Preferred Members and three (3) Qualified Distributors within three (3) rolling months. 


Complete 1 Success Cycle

Earn $325 in Success Bonuses


in your Personal Group complete the Cycle

Qualify to participate in a small group virtual personal coaching session on Breakthrough Leadership with Heather Chastain


in your Personal Group complete the Cycle

Qualify to participate in a small group virtual Fireside Chat with Roger Barnett


in your Personal Group complete the Cycle

Qualify for an in-person meeting on Breakthrough Leadership for your team with Heather Chastain

******Introducing the latest and most powerful addition to…the all new Shaklee Connect®!

Developed using the latest sales success technology, customized to perfection for your Shaklee business, Shaklee Connect has just moved into its new digs in  Check it out!  The dashboard is now the first page you’ll land on, when you log into

Just like the sleek mobile App version, Shaklee Connect is designed to be super simple and easy to navigate, so that even the newest or not so tech-savvy Distributor can get the most relevant and actionable information about their business – every time they log into MyShaklee.

What’s Awesome About the New Shaklee Connect: 

The new Shaklee Connect is packed with timely intelligence about your business, and simple, supportive notifications that prompt the most relevant income producing activity you can take, to grow and develop your Shaklee business!


  • Success Bonus tracking – see exactly where you are in each Success cycle for sponsoring Preferred Members and Qualified Distributors and earning bonuses on their product purchases
  • Track Volumes, Rank Advancement, Dream Trip and Top Achievers Incentives, FastTRACK, Recognition, Shaklee Healthprint Reports*
  • Coaching Tools – see the same tracking for your first generation Leaders, and members of your Personal Group
  • Management tools for your Customers, your Team, and your Contacts and Leads
  • New Email tool with pre-loaded templates and campaigns
  • Convenient Calendar with integrated Evites, pre-loaded with professional, fun invitations, so that you can schedule events, invite anyone, and track your responses

Next Best Actions – we’re especially excited about the ability to provide notifications on the Shaklee Connect dashboard to give you the information and training tips you need to build and grow your business, timed for when you need it, and personalized for wherever you are in the effort to develop your business.

It’s all here, for you and your team, and it’s just the beginning!  With lots of future enhancements already in the planning stages, your new back office is now the most powerful tool you have to help you and your team achieve everything you want from your Shaklee business.

Discover Shaklee Connect…now!

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