RLEI Organization Recap for September 2017!

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ALMA ESAKOFF: Coordinator in Nipomo, California

“I was introduced to the Shaklee opportunity in 1978 and loved everything I heard about this company and was curious to learn more. I became interested in the ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ aspects of the products because I had problems with my skin, from facial breakouts to bumps and rashes on my legs. At the time I was using other products to wash my clothes and different lotions, but when I started using equivalent Shaklee products instead, I noticed I was feeling better.  Also, as a young girl I had allergy problems throughout my 20s with laryngitis, coughing, sneezing, and post nasal drip. After getting on a Basic Shaklee Nutrition Program, within the first week of using Shaklee, I could actually feel my body getting healthier.

I decided to share with others about the change I was having in my overall health and my skin. Little by little, people I talked with started using some of the products. After some time successfully doing ‘facials’ and skin care presentations, my business began growing and I decided to continue sharing with others even as life took other directions.

In 1987, I joined the U. S. Navy, a dream I’d had since I graduated from high school. Five years later I transferred to the California Army National Guard until I retired. During my time in the military, my Shaklee business kept growing. In 1994, my parents-in-law passed their Shaklee business to my husband and I, which they had started in 1964.

When YOUTH came out in August at the Shaklee Global Conference I was excited. I purchased 2 collections, one for my home in California and one to keep in Colorado where my daughter and family live and I visit regularly. This new product line has helped me to share the way I used to and my business is growing again because of it.

This business is truly about 2 things: personal development and helping others. It’s about building relationships and guiding others to a better way of life.”

Alma is a fellow representative of Shaklee’s “next generation”, stewards of legacy businesses who feel the same passion and commitment to the Shaklee philosophy as their founders.

She has been a close friend and leading member of her own branch of our Ewing Organization Shaklee tree. Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)


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