RLEI Organization Recap for October 2017!

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DREW & AMANDA KINNISON: Directors in Lynnwood, Washington

“Amanda joined her family’s multi-generational Shaklee business in 2006 after years of working with children in her city’s Parks and Recreation Department. Being able to work intimately with her grandparents (Bob and Pat Ewing), mother Gayle, and sister Summer in the same environment she grew-up in was a major draw for her (not to mention the other perks like using the family Shaklee Bonus Car), and was exactly what she needed to pull herself out of grief after her father’s death.

During that emotional time, she had also gained weight. Using the Shaklee 180 program, she lost 65 lbs. in 2008 and regained her energy, inspiring others on their own Before and After weight loss journeys, even helping them find their Happily ever After-After by example. Since recommitting to the program in 2013, she has gone from a size 6 to a size 4 dress size which she has maintained ever since.

In 2014 she married Drew, an electrical contractor project manager. Together they decided to begin their own Shaklee distributorship and build their own legacy to pass onto their future generations, quickly becoming Directors. That same year Amanda received her certificate from Penn Foster in Fitness and Nutrition and is a natural living, environmental, and animal welfare advocate with her sister, as they also work their Shaklee businesses in tandem.

She is a new mom as of February 2017 to a baby girl, Kenna Lee, and is able to work entirely from home and on her own part-time schedule. This past month they relocated their family from Orange County in southern California to the Seattle area and couldn’t be more excited about their new chapter. The whole family uses Shaklee products from head to toe, inside out, and all around their new house, just as Amanda always has since she was just a babe herself.”

Amanda is a 3rd generation, original “Shaklee grandbaby” now raising her own 4th generation “Shaklee baby”. She is our own shining example of how the Shaklee love of helping others carries on down the family line and we are so proud of her as a daughter, sister, mother, and leader. We have all moved to Washington state because we are all about living and working closely together as a family forever.

She is now creating her own branch of our Ewing Organization Shaklee tree. Consider the long history of her Shaklee lineage…

Bob & Pat Ewing Family, PMCRD (joined in the 1960s)


One thought on “RLEI Organization Recap for October 2017!

  1. We are Shaklee sales leaders, Enochs-Perry, in your down line. My wife, Linda Enochs, has some questions to ask you.
    Could you please give her a call?

    325 853-2451

    Thank you,
    Rex N Enochs

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