RLEI March 2018 ROLL CALL!

Welcome New Customers!

Veronica Brown, Rebecca Olson

Congrats Customer Loyalty Rewards Earners!*

Rosalind Doak, Judi Dodson, Carol Reisinger, Olga Lee, Maureen Powers, Beverly Savage, Traci Turner, Ann Takahashi, Janet Mason, Beverly Burns, Norma Yarbrough, Cheryl White, Patty Abe, Patricia Jones, Sharon Warschauer, Rebecca Olson, Kathy Madraso, Stephanie Weber

*(Every month, order $100+, automatically receive $15 credit  on account)

Congrats Customer Referral Rewards Earners!**

Patricia Jones

**(Receive $15 credit on account for every new customer referral that places an order)

Congrats Shaklee Member/Distributor/Associate Cash Back Bonus Earners!

Myrna Duvall, Willis Meyer, Rebecca Nakamura

Contact us to learn more about our rewards.



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