New Back Office For Shaklee Distributors



Fast, Flexible and Fun!  Check out these exciting enhancements to the My Business Tab – now Shaklee Connect® – that allow you to manage and grow your business with greater ease – on mobile and desktop.
  • View a clean and easy to understand Dashboard of where your business is in real time.
  • Quick Actions allow you to add a note, a lead, or share a Shaklee Healthprint assessment, with just a single click.
  • Use Team Search to quickly search and view your team and leads, from one place.
  • Easily add Follow Up reminders and notes to help you stay on track with customer and prospect reach outs.
  • Meet someone out and about and want to send them a Shaklee video or other asset? Use Share Resources to send it quickly and check that task off your list.

Visit > My Business Tab, to begin using the new Shaklee Connect® Distributor tools today! 

Shaklee Hotline News Update

Beginning right after our August Hotline News CD, Hotline will go on a brief hiatus, returning in January with a fresh format – all-new podcasts published weekly, instead of monthly!

In the meantime, although we won’t be mailing CDs any longer, you can keep listening to and sharing Hotline for free as a subscriber to our podcast.  And we’ll keep publishing classic, timeless topics throughout the fall.

Go to, search for Shaklee Hotline News, sign up as a subscriber and you’ll automatically be notified when we post new content.  It’s easy, free and mobile – so you can take and share anywhere!

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